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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (Shin Sekaiju no Meikyuu: Millennium no Shoujo) is a 3DS remake of the original Etrian Odyssey. The remake takes several experimental steps for the franchise, as it is the first to include a pre-set party of named characters rather than a player-customized party line-up. Additionally, the remake has a greater emphasis on story than past entries. It is also the first Etrian Odyssey game to feature voice acting.

In addition to the new features, the game also features a classic mode in which the player is able to play using a custom party, similar to the original game. Players can also switch between the original FM music and the new orchestrated arrangements at any time.


As in previous titles, exploration and combat is done in a first-person perspective. Players can now acquire a guild house where they are given access to two new features: guildkeepers and grimoire stones. Overworld exploration and subclasses which are present in EOIII and EOIV is absent as the game retains its original roots but the classes skill tree have been slightly change.


The Millenium Girl features 11 classes overall in which 9 are readily available in classic mode while the last 2 are initially story-exclusive classes.

Landsknecht: The staple frontline attacker of the series. The landsknechts are known for dishing out damage and being able to follow up an ally elemental attacks with their link skills.
Survivalist: Armed with bow and arrow, they best serve in back rows due to their low defense. Mostly known for taking more from resource points than other classes, the survivalist still has a decent variety of combat skills.
Protector: The tank unit of Etrian Odyssey. Slow but have high HP and defense ratings. The Protectors' main job is to protect the party from harm.
Dark Hunter: If it is whether by swords or by whips, the dark hunter excels in binding and inflicting status ailments on an enemy. Great against F.O.E.s
Medic: A medic keeps a party fighting for longer with his/her restorative skills. In addition to that, the medic have a small set of offensive skills that makes it possible to have an unorthodox class setup.
Alchemist: The sole unit in Untold that has the most powerful elemental attacks. Ideal backseat spellcasters but with the pain/light formula they can have an unorthodox class setup too.
Troubadour: This class dedicates themselves with supporting the party. Able to boost the party with buffs and endows their weapon with elemental attacks.
Ronin: A frontliner like the landsknecht but with higher agility and lower defense ratings. Their stance skills takes a turn to set-up but this enables them further to use more devastating attacks.
Hexer: Like the Dark Hunter, but can affect multiple enemies at once. Plus, they have debuffs. Their skills make them good against mass enemies.

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