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Shin is a major antagonist in the manga and anime Fist of the North Star and various games based upon them. He is a master of Nanto Seiken, the sister art of Hokuto Shinken, and served as Kenshiro's training partner as they both sought to master their respective arts. However, once their training had finished and Kenshiro planned to marry his love Yuria, Shin betrayed him. After inflicting a series of severe wounds on Kenshiro's chest in the form of the Big Dipper, Shin leaves him for dead and absconds with Yuria, intent on making her his own bride. He showers her with wealth and gives her a lavish lifestyle that most in the post-apocalyptic society could only dream of, but no matter what he does, he can't steal away her heart.

When Shin learns that Kenshiro is still alive, he sends his minions after him, but one by one, they're felled by Kenshiro's might. Ultimately, Kenshiro invades his headquarters, and he challenges his rival to a final battle. Shin fights Kenshiro, but loses. After he's beaten, he informs Kenshiro that, unable to let go of her love for him and accept Shin, Yuria chose to fall to her death. Shin then does the same, refusing to allow Hokuto Shinken be his killer.

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