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Shippo determined to meet any challenge


Shippo was orphaned by the Thunder Brothers, a pair of vicious demons who craved power at any cost. When he attempted to avenge the death of his father, Shippo was aided by Kagome and Inuyasha. Finding companionship and safety, Shippo opted to stay with the rag-tag group in their quest for shards of the Shikon no Tama.



Originally wary of accepting Shippo into his band of travellers, Inuyasha fills in the gap left by Shippo's dead father, offering him protection and guidance as the fox-demon child grows.


Offering Shippo her friendship as soon as they met, Kagome provides the child a mother figure, protecting him from Inuyasha's harsh glare and even harsher claws when Kagome's special ninja snacks run low.

Sango and Kirara prepared for battle.

This fire-cat demon offers friendship to the lonely fox-demon child. Offering her protection from the sidelines, Kirara watches over the growing boy and keeps him out of harm's way.

Sango and Miroku share a moment.

A lecherous monk who enjoys worldly pleasures a little too much, Miroku is constantly under the watchful eye of Shippo. Despite Shippo's guidance, the monk just can't seem to keep in the good graces of his love interest, Sango.


Offering friendship to Shippo, this warrior of the demon slayer tradition has a soft spot for Shippo and his carefree ways. Willing to protect that innocence at any cost, Sango is a silent and strong guardian and friend.



Responsible for countless hurts on the population at large, Shippo takes up the gauntlett and pits himself against the vile half-demon menace named Naraku. Wanting to protect his friends from Naraku's evil grasp, Shippo longs to become a great and mighty warrior like his role model Inuyasha.

Brothers clash in a battle for dominance

At odds with his half-brother Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru fails to acknowledge anyone else, Shippo included. Young though he may be, Shippo wisely deigns not to confront the older... and more experienced... and larger... and venomous... and stronger demon lord.

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