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Shiver, Loveless Child of the Unwed Dawn, seen here attacking Myrdred

A terrible archmage known long ago as Ravanna, Shiver was one of the Fallen Lords, responsible for terrorizing the humans of the Sword Age with her baneful magic. As a general in Balor's, and later Soulblighter's, armies, there were few who were her equal in war and sorcery, and those unfortunate enough to encounter her on the field of battle would seldom live to relay their experiences. Much like her contemporaries Soulblighter and The Deceiver, she is a relic of the Wind Age, a former heroine responsible for aiding the great Connacht in his struggles against the evils of their time. As was the case with many exemplary individuals before her, she would eventually come under the sway of the Thousand Year Cycle, returning centuries after her previous triumph for the sole purpose of causing misery and destruction. Becoming the tragic antithesis of the ideals of virtue and heroism she once stood for, Shiver reveled in the chaos and ruination afforded her by Balor, following his orders without question over the course of his lengthy campaign. Tales of Shiver from this time tell that her very presence was pestilent, and that wherever she traveled plant life would wither and die at her passing.

Of all the Fallen Lords, Shiver's true identity and age is perhaps the most ambiguous. Though she is commonly accepted to be the reincarnation of the Wind Age heroine Ravanna, the same name has also been used in reference to The Voiceless One, another of the Fallen Lords. This has led many to speculate that the two are somehow linked, or perhaps even different facets of the same being. Further complicating matters, the Ghôls have their own tales of her, speaking in hushed tones of her exploits under the name Culwyeh. It seems likely that with the powerful magic she possesses, the entity known as Shiver is capable of taking multiple forms, or may be fond of masquerading under different personas. Whatever the case may be, the multitude of names surrounding the creature make it nigh on impossible to divine the beast's true identity, if one in fact exists, and make it equally hard to rule out the possibility that the malevolent spirit predates even the Wind Age.

The Great War (Myth: The Fallen Lords)

Shiver perishes at the hands of Rabican

After being bound to the will of Balor along with the other Fallen Lords, Shiver campaigned tirelessly on his behalf in order to bring the nations of the West under his dominion. Shiver was so successful in her efforts to subdue the human kingdoms that when the time came to assault Madrigal, the last remaining bastion of the Light, it was she who was chosen to lead Balor's armies against the city and crush humanity's last hope of victory. Unbeknownst to her, however, The Nine, the collective group of Avatara-generals who stood in opposition of the Fallen Lords, had recovered the sentient head of one of Balor's old enemies, and had been given knowledge by it to use against her. On the first night of Madrigal's siege, the Avatara Rabican challenged her, and, while sparring with Shiver in single combat, used her propensity for vanity to gain the upper hand and ultimately prevail. Her defeat came as a surprise even to the Light, as it was the first time a Fallen Lord had been vanquished in over fifteen years of warfare. Even as her body fell, however, Rabican could still feel her malign spirit lingering on the battlefield, and it would not be the last time that Shiver's presence would threaten the men of the Province. Furthermore, her defeat, though a major victory for the Light, would only postpone the eventual destruction of Madrigal, which succumbed to the Fallen Lords in the eighteenth year of the war.

Soulblighter's War (Myth II)

Her spirit awakened by Soulblighter and made corporeal by the power of Tramist's Mirror, Shiver returned some sixty years after her second death in The Great War to continue her mission of conquest. While her appearance during the previous war had been described at times as ethereal, and even beautiful, what reformed of her years later out of the ether was neither. She became a hideous shrieking crone, and was apparently so enraged by this new visage that on one occasion she was reported to have gouged out the eyes of a prisoner who cringed upon seeing her. She channeled this anger into Soulblighter's war effort, resolving to destroy everything the human nations had rebuilt over the previous sixty years. Shiver seemed particularly intent on inflicting suffering upon Alric, who, as the last remnant of The Nine's leadership during the Great War, likely served as a focal point for her seething hatred and as a surrogate for Rabican, the Avatara who had killed her before perishing himself in the war, thus depriving her of the chance for revenge. With her aid and that of the rejuvenated Myrkridia, it seemed for a time that Soulblighter's armies would be victorious, and were it not for the sudden involvement of The Deceiver, they may have been. Having decided to fight fire with fire, Alric resuscitated the near-dead Myrdred and recruited him to defend against the combined onslaught of Soulblighter and Shiver. After enlisting the Trow and traveling through the Tain in order to stem the flow of the Myrkridia, The Deceiver eventually faced off against Shiver personally, and in the climactic duel that followed he ended her life a third time.


Shiver's magical abilities were too numerous to detail, but among her countless spells and hexes were a few that were particularly feared. Foremost of these was a spell known as the Whisper Dream, which allowed her to enter the landscape of her target's dreams, attacking her victim from within in what magical practitioners refer to as a Dream Duel. This assault was virtually impossible to defend against, though The Head was somehow able to advise Rabican in how to successfully counteract the spell. She was not documented to have used this ability after being resurrected through Tramist's Mirror, though she was still by all account a master of the arcane. In addition to her proficiency in traditional spellcasting, Shiver was also quite capable in the necromantic arts. She is often credited as the first to create the disease-ridden abominations known as Wights, an act for which she is immortalized in one of their more common nicknames, Messengers of Culwyeh.

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