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In the future of mankind, a mega international corporation named DIO now controls the world. With the citizens under marshal law, it's up to a rebel group of soldiers to destroy the oppressors. Enter Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad.


Chose your path
Tomboy Lulu takes on a Boss

Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad is an shooter done in the top-down perspective. It's the sequel to Shock Troopers. Both games are available on the Neo-Geo home gaming console. Your job is to shoots various enemies on screen and defeat the boss character at the end. You're able to shoot in one direction while walking in the other. You have four characters to choose from, each with their own type of weapons. As in most shooters the characters can power up their weapon and do a lot more damage. You characters can also ride enemy vehicles as well. The game allows you to chose different paths in the opening stages of the game. No matter what direction you chose, the final couple of stages still take place at the evil corporations headquarters.


Leon (Leader)
Angel (Busty Blonde)

Toy (Fire Freak)

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