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Shockman (JP: Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 2: Atanaru Teki) is the second game in the Shubibinman series. The gameplay has changed dramatically from the first game. Tasuke and Kyapiko no longer use swords but exclusively use their shubibeams, which now resemble the mega buster in function. They can be shot rapidly or charged for a more powerful attack; in addition, it can be aimed upwards if necessary. In addition, Kyapiko and Tasuke are now capable of super attacks (provided they have a bit) and team-up charge attacks in two-player mode, with different results!

Otherwise the basic gameplay remains similar, although the overworld map and some other play concepts have also been removed to make the game more exclusively action-oriented. In addition, the player will occasionally encounter a shooter-type stage with different mechanics. As another interesting note, many of the game's bosses were the winning results of a contest held for fans in Japan at the time!


A bit.
  • Red Battery: Restores a small amount of the player's life.
  • Black Battery: Restores a large amount of the player's life.
  • Bit: Allows Tasuke or Kyapiko to perform an ultimate attack so long as their HP is full; it's consumed with use.


Kyapiko and Tasuke are on their way to school and work respectively when they are suddenly assaulted by violent construction robots! After quickly subduing these threats, a news broadcast indicates the Raio Empire is invading the world! Let's go, Shubibinman!

Jeeta and Myu: Two other Shubibinmen of mysterious origins, known as the "Shubibiman Shades". They are under the thumb of Emperor Raio. Jeeta believes he is superior to Tasuke and Kyapiko and will interfere with the Raio Empire's plans to prove this. Myu, on the other hand, is gentle and non-combative.

Emperor Raio: The evil leader and namesake of the Raio Empire. He is a fairly typical evil overlord type: Arrogant, over-confident and prone to gloating and evil laughter.


The stage 1 boss.

Stage 1: The forces of the Raio Empire explode on to the city street! Tasuke and Kyapiko have to fight their way back to Dr. Goutokuji's lab. But a frighteningly designed battle ship of Raio won't make it easy! A mysterious figure witnesses their victory...

Stage 2: Doctor Goutokuji provides the heroes with his latest invention: Battle submarines! Unfortunately the aliens had broken in to his base and kidnapped him; the message is merely a recording. Fight past the Naval forces of Raio and reach the Raio Empire's underwater installation... but look out for the boss, a series of bubbles with a robotic core called Yunohe.

Stage 3: The heroes enter the Raio Empire's underwater base; this stage is auto-scrolling. After a ride along the currents, Tasuke and Kyapiko are attacked by a biomechanical water dragon! Defeating it only results in being swept further in to the base...

Stage 4.

Stage 4: Now deep inside the Raio Empire base, the Shubibinmen fight their way over pools of some kind of strange, energized liquid; falling in can be quite painful! Faced with another biomechanical beast as a mini-boss, they emerge victorious... but it was a trap set by Emperor Raio! Suddenly, that mysterious figure from earlier appears and frees them from the bubble... He introduces himself as Jeeta, and claims he will defeat the heroes another time! Tasuke and Kyapiko catch up to Raio, but he won't waste his time fighting them, and has them fight a large blue robot named Doke in his stead. Raio makes his mistake, and suddenly...

Stage 5: The heroes convert to "flight mode", an ability Doctor Gotoukuji apparently installed without their knowledge! This is the second shooter stage in the game; the boss is a large alien warship which traps the heroes inside of a frame, which is re-shapes to make maneuvering difficult.

Stage 6.

Stage 6: Another Raio Empire base, this one seemingly in a mountainous area. Portions of the ceiling attempt to crush the heroes as they make their advance. As one gets further in to the base, it takes on a classical Japanese feel, with shoji screens and Japanese-themed enemies (i.e., robotic ninja, lantern robots, etc.). Jeeta waits at the end, eager to defeat the heroes! However, he makes his escape before he is truly defeated.

Stage 7: A continuation of stage 6, the environment is quite similar. After scaling a shaft full of mechanical, fire-breathing oni head traps, the heroes encounter Myu. However, she doesn't want to fight, so Raio electrocutes her and sends out "Gold Face" instead! Myu seemingly dies...

Stage 8: Continuing in the Raio Base, the heroes advance over a series of strange, steam-blasting engines only to encounter a gigantic robotic ninja guarding Professor Goutokuji! With the ninja defeated, the Professor agrees to try and fix Myu and makes some quick modifications to the heroes to allow them to fly in space, so as to pursue Emperor Raio. Good luck!

Stage 9.

Stage 9: The third shooter stage begins with the heroes passing through an asteroid field. Eventually they reach the Raio Mothership! After defeating a strange defense robot, they touch down and prepare to battle their way through the ship.

Stage 10: Unsurprisingly, the ship is full of all sorts of automated defenses. After a long trek through, a furious Jeeta attacks the heroes, accusing them of murdering Myu! After his defeat, the heroes explain that Raio lied to him and in fact killed Myu himself. He swears to get revenge on Raio and tags along with the heroes!

The final battle!

Stage 11: Continuing the theme of stage 10, except now Jeeta is helping. The heroes travel up an elevator with spiked bars as a defense mechanism. At the top waits Raio; after killing Jeeta, he hops in to his own personal battle mecha to destroy the Shubibinmen himself! Can the heroes overcome the incredible power of Raio?

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