A bit overkill...

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Or at least I think so. Discuss.

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People will do anything to "be on top." You're not contributing when all you are doing is farming points. Sad in my opinion, but who cares. We know who the quality contributors are.

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Stuff like this will never stop happening until the staff puts in new rules for submissions that are more strict, which I don't think will happen.

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Needs more image submissions.

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KindGalaxy said:
"Needs more image submissions."
I'm in the image moderation tool right now, and it looks like you're about to get your wish. :(
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WTF.... I am ok with linking this concept to games that use shoes as a game play element...
But this is something different, this is just linking every single game you can think of...

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Actually, any game or anyone with shoes is a valid entry, and that's the problem. I could go on forever putting in games and characters with shoes. The problem is it's too general. Guns and Swords are general too but not all games have one and not all characters can be linked to them. I think they should ban any objects that are too general in terms. If they allow shoes, then what's next, hair? pants? shirts?.  For example, something specific should be, sneakers, sandals, golf shoes, you get my point.

BTW,  I'm not a point junkie, I really usually come here because I have nothing better to do. In fact, I couldn't care less about being on top, I mean, what do I get for being number one? A million dollar prize?

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Guns and swords are actually relevant to games though. Shoes aren't.

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This is retarded.

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Why not? Someone should make a page for cufflinks.

Edit: Too late! I proposed to make the page. You snooze you lose!

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LordAndrew said:
"Guns and swords are actually relevant to games though. Shoes aren't."

The rules state any in-game object is valid, if shoes are in the game, then it's a valid entry whether it adds to the gameplay or not. A serious flaw in my opinion. Well, if the rules aren't changed, I'm going to add shoes to a few more characters that I like, I suggest everybody else to do the same.
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If hamburgers can be an object, why can't shoes? I think this was the idea to begin with.

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Gunner said:
"If hamburgers can be an object, why can't shoes? I think this was the idea to begin with."
Hamburgers are not general terms, it's specific, shoes have large sub categories. Like for hair, it could be blonde, brunette, spiky hair, Mohawk, ect. instead of all on one page. At least, that's what I think the problem is.
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Its just people being points whores, and until its acknowledged, keep expecting more stupid shit on this level.

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If a game has shoes as a special item, like shoes that make you run faster, I think that's acceptable. Also, games with customizable shoes might be okay here as well. However, listing every single game to ever feature a character with shoes is just nuts.

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ffs only two images, what the hell, i'ma start submitting 8bit art of mario shoes in a sec

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This is something Jeff said in the Grass object forum, and I think it applies here as well. I think the community would rather have something as common as shoes linked to games that actually use shoes as a gameplay element or at least something customizable (i.e. being able to change the shoes you wear over the course of a game).

When it comes to pages for extremely common topics like this one, we want extraordinary uses of the object. For grass, that could mean grass plays a major part in the story line, or has a gameplay element to it, or is noteworthy from a technological standpoint. So something like Tony Hawk 2X, with its individual blades of grass, which was fairly unique in its day, should qualify.
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Giant Bomb is a wiki, the fact is that linking allows searches to be made, things like grass or shoes can be relevant in a Wiki environment, sure not as much so as when looking at a gun or sword, but the connection still technically exists.

Trying to up your point count by uploading thousands of pictures of shoes is another thing.

Wiki's with point counts on them are going to be abused, it's up to the moderation team to not allow these concepts, otherwise there is no one to blame.

EDIT: Though I think Sneakers and the others should be combined as under just Shoes.

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I don't understand why people care if a page like this is up? Just don't look at it.

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Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy!

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Farming points?

Sounds useful.

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Subway said:
"I don't understand why people care if a page like this is up? Just don't look at it."
It's hard to avoid if it's attached to every game ever made.
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o wow

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