So....PC Release?

#1 Posted by TheCrookedWarden (61 posts) -

Anyone know if the PC release has been scrubbed, or is it just the standard "oh noes, teh piracy!!!!111one" initial release on consoles followed by a PC release later?

#2 Posted by d0rks (83 posts) -
#3 Posted by Pink_o_mat (220 posts) -

And it will be one of those wonderful Ubisoft PC releases! Great!

#4 Posted by bananaz (266 posts) -

Pre-purchased. After that quick-look and playing the demo, I literally said, "This should be on Steam." What this game needs is a good community.

#5 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2676 posts) -

No gamepad support on the PC? Super lame

#6 Posted by Redbullet685 (6198 posts) -

I seriously can't imagine playing that game with a keyboard and mouse. No gamepad support makes absolutely no sense. It's a good game otherwise.

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