Want To Shoot Robots Together?

#1 Posted by ShadowVirus (841 posts) -

Has any one got this on the Xbox 360? If so, want to start some sort of Giant Bomb robot shooting club?

My GT is CrackJack92 if you want to add me.

#2 Posted by louiedog (2384 posts) -

I've been playing this quite a bit. Sending you a FR after I post this. My GT is RavenousLou. If you see me online feel free to invite me into a game.

#3 Posted by Redbullet685 (6298 posts) -

Anyone on PS3? I'm having a ton of fun with this. There is so much content in this game including the fruit fucker.

#4 Posted by d0rado (34 posts) -

I'm down on xbox. GT is d0rado feel free to add me and get down on some co op

#5 Posted by flomby (81 posts) -

Yea I have been having trouble finding a game to play on XBOX 360, GT is flomby, I'm down for a few games.

#6 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1758 posts) -

I was thinking about picking this up, but got worried by Ryan's comment in the QL that no one was playing.

#7 Posted by Runk3N (59 posts) -

@beard_of_zeus: I haven't had any problem finding games with people in them. So I think Ryan just played the game before everyone else had a chance to purchase it :)

I need someone to invite to a game for the last achievement and some late hard / early insane games :)

GT: Runk3N

#8 Posted by Morka (193 posts) -

I've just started downloading the game for Xbox. GT is Morka2k :)

#9 Posted by Vandal (106 posts) -

Anyone still playing on PS3? Matchmaking is horrible.

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