Beta invites have been sent!

#1 Posted by KelpPlankton (52 posts) -

The first wave, at least. Of which I got one. It's pretty cool so far! But I'm new to the PlanetMania stuff and I'm not sure how to customize my dude with different textures or join groups or anything.

And nobody's got music on their servers! How could this be?

#2 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (668 posts) -

Yep! I got mine. Seriously didn't realize how much a non-dubstep mania experience kinda falls flat.

It's definitely a mania game. I'm kinda enjoying it. I only played for a little bit tonight, though, but I can totally see this jockeying for position when I'm in that Mania kinda mood.

#3 Posted by Pepsiman (2478 posts) -

Yeah, I got a beta invite myself and it seems pretty all right so far. Spawn camping can be an issue at times, but I suppose the combination of one hit kills mixed with a shot cooldown means that people who try pulling that won't normally last too terribly long doing so. I do wish for the sake of ping that there were more American servers running, but I'm not surprised in the least that this is once again a Europe-dominant crowd. It's a fun game in small bursts, but like already stated, I hope a music scene of some sort comes to servers sooner rather than later, since they add a lot to the anarchy of the other games.

#4 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

Yeah, I got one as well. It's alright, but I feel like the terrible UI really kills the objective based modes..It seems like most people don't even realize that there are points to capture due to how terrible the UI is.

#5 Posted by KelpPlankton (52 posts) -

Yeah the game is still very obviously a beta. But I feel like it's got a solid foundation here that some cool stuff can be built on if they get the unfriendly aspects sorted out.

But I need a server with music ASAP! No music sounds so dead...

#6 Posted by L44 (561 posts) -

The downloader is still unbelievably rubbish.

#7 Posted by Jothel (925 posts) -

Got one too but the download link in the email doesn't work =(

#8 Edited by SJSchmidt93 (4895 posts) -

This is the most convuluted beta downloading process I've ever been through. I go to the website, but it puts me in queue (a queue for a website? that's new). After the queuing ends, II click download, it tells me it costs $20 (lolwut?) and I insert my promo code but it still tells me it is $20, but I click proceed with payment anyway 'cause I don't know how it could possibly know my CC info, and then it gives me a "processing payment" for hours. From what I read from the email all of this is, if I were to actually succeed with the process, would only be to GET my beta key.

Man, they must not want people to play their beta.

#9 Posted by ds8k (412 posts) -

@SJSchmidt93: After putting in the promo code it should have been $0. You're not actually supposed to be able to buy it.

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