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A retro platformer that carefully attends to its roots. 3

It's hard to avoid the reality that the recent spate (and don't worry, that's as close as I'm getting to a shovel pun in this review) of "nostalgic" pixel-focused, 8-bit-reminiscent action games has all but rendered the format trite at this point. If that's the case then, at least for the time being, I'm happy to make Shovel Knight the retro genre's swansong. Though from all appearances it aspires to little more than creating a yesteryear classic that never was, it's far better suited to the tas...

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A Fun Trip Down Memory Lane 0

I'll keep my review short because Shovel Knight is an easy game to review. If you like Duck Tales or Mega Man 2 for the NES, you should buy this game. Period. If this game were released on the NES back in the day and I could have payed $15 to own this game, this may well have been one of my all-time favorite childhood games. I'll spare the time of describing what those game are like (if you haven't played them, you should), so I'll simply comment on what Shovel Knight brings to the table to enha...

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Shovel Knight Review // Critique de Shovel Knight 0

Released on : June 26th 2014Platform : Wii U, 3DS, and PC (Digital Only)Reviewed on : Wii U With the resurgence of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming coming out of multiple independant development studios over the last couple of years, video games are being influenced more and more by the sense of nostaliga because it’s the era where everything started. Not only is Shovel Knight the perfect example of that, but it is so well made that it looks and feels exaclty like a game that was released during t...

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Shovel Knight 0

Retro PlatformerPogo Simulator£10.99/£14.99 with the glorious soundtrack- FOR SHOVELRY - What is it? Released back in June 2014, Shovel Knight is an 8-bit 2D platformer in the vein of old Castlevania games for PC, 3DS and the WiiU from Yacht Club Games. It began life as a Kickstarter campaign and is one of the few things we can safely call a success when it comes to Kickstarter. Story One day whilst out adventuring with your favourite gal pal Shield Knight you stumble upon the omi...

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Shovel Knight: Digging Trouble with Your Shovel 0

You are the eponymous character in this grand adventure, that will send you from the belly of a gigantic ship to the tops of clouds as you fight knight after knight in search of your lost love Shield Knight. With nothing but your suite of armor on your back and your shovel in your hand you will have to face some of the most brutal platforming ever put forth, while collecting treasure to upgrade your equipment to aid you in your journey.Before all this crazy went down, it was you and Shield Knigh...

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