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It is the central location of the game, and home to the mysterious being Dormin. It is connected via a long bridge to the only known land entrance to the forbidden lands.

The inside of the temple is a massive cathedral like hall containing an altar, stone idols representing each of the 16 colossi, and a skylight through which Dormin communicates with the player. In the back of the Temple there is a shallow pool at the bottom of a large spiral ramp leading to the bridge, as well as another skylight.

The outside of the the temple is covered with moss and plant life. There is also garden at the top of the Temple with animals, fruit trees, and the opening to the skylight overlooking the pool.

Wander places Mono, the girl he wishes to revive, on the altar while he completes the ritual Dormin requests of him to bring her back to life. After defeating a Colossi, Wander awakens in the Shrine of Worship, where the Idol of the Colossi he just defeated is destroyed, and Dormin tells him about the next Colossus he must battle.

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