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The Shrykull is the only known God to Mudokons. It's body resembles that of a Scrab but with limbs like a Paramites forelegs. It also has the Paramites mandibles surrounding it's head. The Shrykull represents creation and destruction, fear and love in Mudokons mythology, but is the God of vengeance and possesses the spirits of Scrabs and Paramites.

A Mudokon who has received the scars of Paramonia and Scrabania on their hands, can take the form of the Shrykull for a short amount of time. An obvious example of this is Abe, who completed the trials and received the power of the Shrykull from Big Face.

It's power is extremely strong, electrocuting any threats around it. The Shrykulls power can only be summoned when a set about of Mudokons have been saved at once via a bird portal. The number of Mudokons needed is known by a floating number around the bird portal.

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