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Shu Ryorin is a princess and the youngest daughter of the Dragon King from Saiyuki: Journey West. Her father puts her in an arranged marriage with Prince Reikan that she completely opposes. When she runs away, she finds Sanzo's group and mistakes them for a search party. Instead of talking, she throws a fit and launches an attack. After knocking some sense into her, everything is cleared up and she decides to join Sanzo's trip to India because it sounds like fun and offers a chance to get far away from her father. Personality wise, she's a bit arrogant and uncompromising. She's also faint at heart and absolutely can't stand disturbing atmospheres.


Ryorin is the third member to join Sanzo's party. Her weapon is a sword. She's aligned with the element of metal and starts with a spell that boosts defense. Speed is her primary attribute and coupled with her high movement it is very easy for her to rush the enemy early on. One thing to keep in mind, is that she has lower HP than most other characters. Her special ability allows her to skewer up to two enemies in a straight line granted they aren't standing on radically different heights. Lastly, she can transform into a Bronze Dragon. This form allows her to fly around the map, over enemies, or to higher ground. Her dragon attacks are physical like biting and tail whips.

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