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Shu is introduced when Lieza is shot and Elc needs a place to hide out and save her. Shu joins Elc in his adventure to stop the evil Andel from taking over the world and kidnapping children for his experiments.

While Elc is injured, Shu travels with Shante to Romalia but the only way in is to board an aerial battleship which with the help of locale Pepe they sneak on the ship. After being discovered they battle their way until they find the Hein which has been taken by the army. While Shu starts the Hein up and is ready to escape Shante is blown from the ship to the waters.

With the plan to sneak in Romalia through a battleship has been foiled Shu goes to the city of Houfion to find information. Shu saves a child who is being attacked by the local army and learns that a resistance is in the city. After speaking with a local he meets Tosh who before allowing him to join the resistance battles him to test his strength and the reason he is fighting.

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