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This air hockey game can be played in sessions against one opponent at a time or in tournament mode where you play against several opponents on your way to the top.
The player must rebound the puck past the opponents paddle, effective breaking the "glass" at the end of the table. The winner is the first to score 15.

You face 9 distinct opponents:
  1. Nerd ( Skip Feeney)
  2. War Pig ( Eneg Doowtrop)
  3. Hot Woman ( Princess Bejin)
  4. Robot ( DC3)
  5. Alien in Tux with Martini ( Lexan Smythe-Worthington)
  6. Hooded figure with Cyclops stomach ( Nerual Ttoille)
  7. Biker Dude ( Biff Raunch)
  8. Bearish Man ( Vinnie The Dweeb)
  9. Little Guy ( Visine Orb)
The player also has the ability to adjust the bounce and power of the paddle.

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