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Shuji Ikutsuki is chairman of the school-board at Gekkoukan High School and adviser of S.E.E.S. with close ties to the Kirijo Group. He is capable of entering the Dark Hour but unable to use a Persona, and thus acts in a supportive role to the S.E.E.S. members. He's viewed by others as thoughtful and considerate, but also has a love of telling lame jokes, all of which revolve around puns, that no one finds funny.

The Truth

Despite his mild-mannered behavior, Ikutsuki is actually working towards goals opposing those of S.E.E.S. His belief is that Nyx, the Fall, and death are salvations. By doctoring an old video tape of Yukari's father Eiichiro and altering other records, he tricks the students into thinking that the Dark Hour, Tartarus, and the Shadows will all disappear if the twelve powerful shadows that appear each full moon are defeated, when in fact doing so hastens the coming of Nyx. After the last of the shadows are defeated and the S.E.E.S. members believe their work is done, he uses Aigis to capture them with the intent to use them as a sacrifice to bring about "the Fall". He also forces Aigis to capture Mitsuru's father, Takeharu Kirijo. However, Aigis breaks free from his control at the last minute, frees the students, and spares Takeharu. Frustrated that his plans aren't working, Ikutsuki pulls a gun to finish the job, but Mitsuru's father also brandishes one and the two shoot each other simultaneously. Takeharu is killed, dying in his daughter's arms, while Ikutsuki yells, "At long last, I will rule this new world!" before deliberately falling to his death.

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