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Shutter Island is a point-and-click hidden item finding game based on the Martin Scorsese film. The player assumes the role of U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels, played in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio. The game consists of a series of rooms full of "hidden" items (really in plain sight) and the player is tasked with finding them. There are a few mini-games in between, and some non-voice over dialog from characters in the film. 


The game was poorly received by the few outlets who reviewed it, citing a very short playtime of 1-2 hours, incredibly easy "puzzles," and virtually no story, despite being based on a major motion picture. The game was also criticized for its abrupt ending, flashing THE END on screen immediately after finishing the last puzzle, with no hint of resolution to the story or indication that the game's finale might be near.

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