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Shyvana is one of the many mana-less champions in the League. She instead relies entirely on her cooldowns, which must be managed and properly timed in order to play her to her most potiental. Instead of a mana bar, Shyvana has a "Fury" bar. Once she reaches level 6 (and unlocks the use of her ultimate ability) she will continually gain Fury. Once she is at 100 Fury, she can cast her ultimate at a target location to transform and take flight into her dragon form.


StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
Attack Damage54.53.4
Attack Speed0.6582.4%
Movement Speed3250
Magic Resistance301.25
Health Regen7.20.8
Fury RegenNone0

Shyvana costs 6300 Influence Points or 975 Riot Points and was added to the game on November 1, 2011.


Fury of the Dragonborn - All of Shyvana's basic attacks enhance her abilities. She can decrease the cooldown of her Twin Bite ability by 0.5 seconds, and increase the duration of her second ability, Burnout, by 1 second every time she attacks for a maximum of a 6 second bonus. Attacking a Champion who is affected by her third ability, Flame Breath, will deal an additional 15% of flame breath's original damage. Finally, once she is level 6 and has access to her ultimate ability, her basic attacks will generate 2 Fury.

Twin Bite - On her next basic attack, Shyvana will strike twice, dealing additional damage.

Burnout - Shyvana creates a wall of flames around her, dealing damage and increasing her movement speed for 3 seconds. The movement speed bonus decreases by 15% every second.

Flame Breath - Shyvana shoots forward a fireball in a line that deals damage and reduces the armor of the target by 15% for 4 seconds.

Dragon's Decent - Shyvana passively gains armor and magic resistance. Activating this ability with 100 Fury allows her to transform her dragon form, flying to a target location within 1000 range, enemies standing between her original location and target location take magic damage and are carried to the target location. While in dragon form she doubles her passive armor and magic resistance, and continually loses 6 Fury per second. At 0 Fury she returns to her normal form. Shyvana gain 1 fury every 1.5 seconds while in human form. All of Shyvana's abilities gain enhanced effects while she is in her dragon form. Her Twin Bite ability targets all enemies in front of her, and her Burnout leaves behind a trail of flame that can damage any enemy standing in it for 5 seconds, while her Flame Breath engulfs a cone area rather than a line.

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