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Sid Has Done it Again

The Civilization series is a turn based stratagy game were you control one of many nations on a world map and leed them through History and hopefully to victory. You start with a setaler and build a city and buil;d more citys and then an empire. Civilization 4 is no diffrient, but it fixes manny of the problems that other Civ games had.

In Civilization 4, there are 6 ways to victory, some involving conquest, others involving having a Great deel of culture, science and even being Diplomatic. This game offers manny diffrient ways to victory witch manny stratagy games lack. Most games make it soo that you have to be mega aggresive even if culture is a way of acheiving victory, but Civilization does not have this problem and that is one reasion it is outstanding to me.

The Length of a hame of Civilization was traditionally long, usually between 8-30 hours depending on how you play. In Civ 4, you could easilly complete a game in under 4 hours, but you also have the option of playing the game like it's predisessors. I think this makes it more accessible to new players. There are also a lot more things that make this game more open to newbies like a more user friendlly interface witch is self explanitorry. They also show the resources on the map (Production, Food, and Money) witch will help players determin the best place for a city unlike in Civ 3 where you had to memorize each terrain value.

I never played multyplayer in anny other Civ game, but the multyplayer here is done well enough so that it will not bore you as you wait for everyone to end their turn. I only had a shot glimps at the Multyplayer, but every player's turn happens at the same time, so a Multyplayer game is not much longer than a regular single player game.

Now, the Mod community for Civ 4 is excelent. I have found things like fantasy RPG's and squad tactical games befor. The developers released a lot of the source code so this is a very modable game. There is also a great map editor in game witch you could acess at anny time during a single player game so you could edit a map you are playing in. It could also be used for cheeting.

I could goo on forever about this game, but it is definatlly worth checking out. And buy the Beyond the Sword expantion while you are at it. Don't get Warlords because all the content is in BTS.

Congradulation Sid for an amazing game!

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