#1 Posted by CreamyGoodness (1086 posts) -

ok so im trying to get a technology win and i almost had it, i was 4 turns short. i launch the space station and it says the eta is 2108, how do i avoid this..

#2 Posted by shadowjak (456 posts) -

Command and conquer ebtter than Civ Rev....?

#3 Posted by TurboMan (7824 posts) -

it takes a while for the ship to go to its destination

#4 Posted by CreamyGoodness (1086 posts) -

well ya but turns or real time

#5 Posted by Homer (1372 posts) -

I'm pretty sure it's turns.

#6 Posted by CreamyGoodness (1086 posts) -

ya i got it i got a hole shit load of gold and rushed it in 3 turns then launched it, i got there with 1 turn left

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