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k so im going to start by saying that civ rev is a great game. i got it yesterday. i have won a couple games do far. one was with the romans and i just built a massive army and got a domination victory the other was with the germans. i was going for the one where you launch the rocket but i keep running out of turns. any help on what things to learn, make peace, start with what race ect. any help would be hugely appreciated

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Completely depends on what difficulty you're playing on?

In my opinion the Aztecs are the greatest race for the Technological victory due to their traits.
I honestly have never had that problem just make sure you're doing the basic things:

  • Building a Library, Temple (Aztecs produce 3 extra science per temple), University etc as soon as they're available.
  • Manage your city workers to science production.
  • Use the great people you receive wisely.
  • Don't amass huge armies, try and stay peaceful and concentrate the things you're building on buildings that will help science production.
  • If you're only one technology or a few behind your enemies contemplate building a spy to steal a technology, never had to use a spy for those means but have been very useful for stealing great people.
Hope I've helped if you want anymore Civilization Revolution tips send me a message.
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You should be posting this on Civ Rev's forums, not the general 360 forums.

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Vinchenzo said:
"You should be posting this on Civ Rev's forums, not the general 360 forums.
It will most likely get more attention here. Dont be harsh

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