outer space win??

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k so im going to start by saying that civ rev is a great game. i got it yesterday. i have won a couple games do far. one was with the romans and i just built a massive army and got a domination victory the other was with the germans. i was going for the one where you launch the rocket but i keep running out of turns. any help on what things to learn, make peace, start with what race ect. any help would be hugely appreciated

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You need a good few cityies producing lots of science, around 4 or 5 should be ok, if they are good. These cityies should be placed near lots of water and have universities and courthouses and  maybe trading posts too. Also taking over a civ or too can help as you can use their cities too to gain science. Then once you have resaerched space flight you should have enough gold to rush a few of the parts. I recoment one of each part except propultion, when the more the merrier.
That probably makes to sense, but i hope it helps, and if not just keep peactising and you'lll get the hang of it soon enough ;). 

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