Starting strategies?

#1 Posted by Navster (58 posts) -

What strategies have you guys found that is good for the early game? I make land and sea exploration a top priority. Those artifacts and barbarian war spoils really give me leg up!

#2 Posted by PixieNinja (207 posts) -

Depends on numerous factors;

  • Civilization you're playing as
  • Game type
  • Whether you're aiming for a particular victory
  • Difficulty level

I tend to aim for a particular victory from early on, unless I wind up in a position later in the game where I'm comfortable enough to go in numerous directions.
#3 Posted by OakaXXV (22 posts) -

My strategy (not that its perfect) usually involves:

  • 2 Warriors - research bronze working
  • Settler - and hopefully 100 gold for another settler
  • Galley
  • 2 Barracks
  • Archers for defensive cities
  • research mathematics for catapults
  • research navigation for galleons

This works fine up till King difficulty, but i'm still refining it for emperor+.
#4 Posted by DECA555 (413 posts) -

simple. This will carry you through the entire game. Focus your resources on military and science. Keep peace as much as possible while you build your massive army and when you have an unstoppable force, attack and dominate every other civilization. 

#5 Posted by Foxdemon2k (287 posts) -

I like to build up a strong defence before doing anything offensive. Of course if there is a weak civilization right next to me I will conquer it :)

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