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I bought Civ 5 when it came out and have run it up until now no problems. After buying gods and kings and trying to play it, it lets me start up a match but then nothing happens. I cant select any units at all. I cant even change the upper left corner thing. I can only bring up the menu or the victory conditions on a scenario. If i try to retire, it will bring up an advisor but if i hit one more turn it still wont respond and from that point onward the retire option will be perpetually selected and i cant retire again. If i try quiting to main menu the game crashes. If i quit the windows it works though. I have tried going back to previous saves and deleting it and redownloading it. Does anyone else have a similar issue or can help me?

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Did you download any mods that might have screwed it up?

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N@Sackmanjones said:

Did you download any mods that might have screwed it up?

No, I havent downloaded any mods since before i bought it and it worked than. Plus i thought that might have been the case so i deleted all of them and it still didnt work.

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@StalkingTurnip: Maybe something got fucked up with the game files. Try this:

  1. Right-click Civ V in Steam and go to Properties
  2. Click on the Local Files tab
  3. Finally, click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

This could take awhile as Civ V is a big game. Probably less than 10 minutes, though.

After it finishes, see if it worked.

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