75% off Civ 5 Steam Sale

#1 Posted by JCTango (1364 posts) -

It's selling for about 12-15 bucks atm.
Sounds like a good deal, but not sure I'm gonna get it.. I don't do too well in RTS games =(

#2 Posted by byterunner (313 posts) -

@JCTango said:

It's selling for about 12-15 bucks atm. Sounds like a good deal, but not sure I'm gonna get it.. I don't do too well in RTS games =(

Its not an RTS. Its turn based strategy

#3 Posted by JCTango (1364 posts) -
@byterunner: Whoops, my bad.  I think I probably suck at turn based ones even more haha =(
#4 Edited by misterhaan (227 posts) -

i bought it on release day for 5% off and it's been worth it, but then again this is the 5th civ game i've played and i've loved all of them.

#5 Posted by Melvargh (500 posts) -

My buddy has been trying to get me to buy this game since release. I figure now is a good time, haha.

Any DLC that I should get before the sale is done?

#6 Posted by AlexAlterisio (96 posts) -

I decided "what the hell, why not?" and picked it up for $12.50 
I have to say, was quite pleasantly surprised.  I've had Civ IV for a while now and was just never able to get into it but I got sucked into V so easily.  Maybe it's due to the much easier to understand interface or the easier on the eyes visuals, but it's turned me around on the series 

#7 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5145 posts) -

That's a great deal.

#8 Posted by captain_max707 (492 posts) -

I picked it up and decided I'd try it out for a few minutes, and then get started on my homework. 
Many hours later I realized I still had to start my homework! What they say is true- You don't notice the time flying by while you play.

#9 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1213 posts) -

Get it NOW!

#10 Posted by axx1000 (37 posts) -

My buddy has had civ 3 or 4 for a long time now and has kept saying how good it is and how i should get in to it. I decided to pick it up this weekend and i imedently just jumped into a game and was able to pick it up fast, after a 7 hour game i lost in last place (but one of the 3/6 surviving nations) by a time loss.  also for begginers: GET NUKES FIRST but never use them, i was getting my ass beat from everyone once i used a nuke
#11 Posted by misterhaan (227 posts) -

i haven't bought any of the dlc because i figure that's a lot of money for what you get -- was it on sale too?

#12 Posted by Wuddel (2098 posts) -

I think you can do without the DLC. At least until the next sale.

#13 Posted by Xanth93 (485 posts) -

Definitely got it for $12.50. What a great deal. I love the game.

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