Anyone tried the highest difficulty yet?

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I am scared to try, has anyone here tried it and is it ridiculous?

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I'm going up one by one for achievements, because they are not cumulative (IE, the only way to get the achievement for Settler difficult is to beat it on Settler, beating it on a higher difficulty doesn't count) so it may take me some time to get there. 
Up to Prince so far, and it still seems pretty easy.

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The computer gets a hell of a lot smarter at Prince. It still builds cities at a bunch of silly places, and doesn't handle bodies of water very well. But it can balance its budget just fine, and later on in the game you need to work a bit to gain a technological advantage or build the wonder you're after. 
If I were to push into the hardest difficulty, I'd do it on a standard-sized or larger archipelago map and play a city-state friendly game with a small-to-mid-sized empire. I'm not at that level yet, though, and would like to hear from someone trying out the higher difficulties.

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Sure, check the 'chieves. B-)  
The biggest difference is the AI gets retarded bonuses and can tech and build much faster than you.  I'm not sure it's really any smarter.  Barbarians don't seem too much gnarlier than they are on Prince. 

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Indeed. I can not really see how you could win a non-domination victory on Deity, because they will build nearly every wonder, will ally every city state and certainly would win a space race. The tactics AI is not much (at all?) smarter though. Just kill thrm before they outtech you. Perfectly doable.

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