Civ 5 multi, anyone up for some?

#1 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -

Add me on steam red12b 
i want to see how this shit works.

#2 Posted by Seedofpower (3990 posts) -

ooo tempting at 2 in the morning. Could we try it some other time like tomorrow or later today?

#3 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -
it's 6pm here  
heh, sure, sort out some time 
#4 Posted by Red12b (9338 posts) -

anyone? anyone?....bueller? 

#5 Posted by thisisalan (72 posts) -

Given the average length of a Civ V game, is semi-spontaneous multiplayer a reasonable proposition at all? I heard something about plans for a play-by-mail system, which seems like it would help (although a full game would probably take months).

#6 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -

supposedly you can save a hotseat game now that they've added hotseat and then find the save file and send it to a friend.  not as convenient as civ4's built-in e-mailing for its play-by-email, but hopefully that'll come eventually.

#7 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

I would if i didn't completely suck at it

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