civilization 5 music

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Thanks.  I came here to see if anybody knew who did the soundtrack.  I just watched the video review on another website, and it really sounded like Jeremy Soule to me, but the GB and wikipedia pages didn't list the composer.  Now I know, good stuff.

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Hot damn, that's good stuff.

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Im interested to know how authentic some of the music is. Like the Iroqouis (ir-uh-coy is how you say it, if curious) is a loose consolidation of Native tribes, most of which were wiped out by America. The Mayan culture was burned away by Spain, and the Thai nation (forgot its name) certainly took its share of cultural damage from China. 

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Oooh that's a pretty neat original soundtrack. Cheers for this, I was just looking for some good music to sort out my laundry to. 
Edit: Holy shit I just realised that this game is coming out real soon.

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I knew I heard ode to joy in that 2k stream.

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