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I know you're better off creating cites to do specific tasks and understand I should only be building culture/research buildings in those cities but where should I be looking to start these cities? Do I just want to build a bunch of farms to increase the populations in those cities so I can have specialists? How exactly do you go about focusing on research or culture? Is it just through buildings and specialists?  
Also the gold buildings (market, bank, mint ect.) don't have a maintenance cost. Is there any reason why I shouldn't be building them in every city I have?

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I have a similar problem.  I'm just not quite sure how to spot a proper location for cities that I want to specialize in a direction.  There's also the issue with stuff like monuments, libraries, etc, that you need one of each in every city to get a monument.  Do I go for those, or do I just skip it?  Particularly when my empire becomes somewhat large, is getting one of those buildings in every city worth the bonus a monument would give to one specific city? 

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Depending on the difficulty you're playing at, you shouldn't really have to stick rigidly to only building certain buildings/improvements in certain cities. If you're playing on King difficulty or below, for example, you can usually get away with not focusing your cities too much. As for where you should be starting particular cities - look for the little icons that tell you how much gold, production or food you're going to get from a certain area, and start improving accordingly. If you're in an area where there's a lot of hammers, start improving tiles with as many mines as you can; if you see one with a lot of food or gold, you can usually go either way on it by planting a bunch of trading posts or farms. Just make sure when you're making a gold-focused city, that you don't forget to ensure your city is still well fed so it will grow, or at least not starve. 
I think if you're planning to focus on culture, for example, you should really be doing that in all your cities (not just focusing a select number of them), by building monuments to start with and then researching as many culture focused branches so you can start producing new buildings and wonders in all your cities (perhaps leave the wonders to your capital, and make sure it's production is high so they'll churn out quicker). You'll still want a decent number of farms and camps to keep the population growing in all your cities, so make sure the focus is leaning heavily towards culture - not completely devoted to it.

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Farms are good, but you can always compensate by seducing over some Maritime city-states to help provide food.  I try to get the monument or library/university/museum requirements for the national wonders when I can, they are generally really useful.  I typically don't run many cities (mostly puppet states) so it's not TOO hard to establish these.  
Production City - Obviously you'll want to be near hills/high production yield resources, and set up a lot of mines.  Honestly the easiest to pick a location for, just look for high production resource areas.  Buildings will be things like Forges, Workshops, Barracks, etc.   Lumber Mills are a good call here too.
Research City - A bit trickier, if you plan to go down Rationalism social tree, then Trading Posts will give a plus to your science.  Establish Academies with your Great People as well.  A balance between some food and some production is good, unless you plan to purchase all the science buildings you'll need.   You can also leave some nearby jungles to take advantage of with your Universities as well.
Culture City - Similar to the Research city, except you can pass on the Trading posts, you'll still want Landmarks from Great Artists.  Again, a balance of food and production with the remainder. 
Gold City - Focus largely on trading posts, with enough food to keep growing.  I find my gold cities often have my lowest production, so I end up having to buy more of the gold producing structures (market/bank/etc).   
You need SOME production at all your cities, because every city is going to have to construct buildings relevant to their speciality.  I try to improve each tile with what is ideal for the tile (so I'll build a mine on a hill even in my Research city, just because the production boost is noticeable).  

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