downgrading from civ5 to civ 4

#1 Posted by LukeSkywaka (20 posts) -

i just got civ5 yesterday and ive never been addictive to a game as much as that one, i played for atleast 8 hours sraight.

problem is im playing on a 2010 MacbookPro and its running pretty sluggish now that im deeper in the game and map has expanded VASTLY.

im thinking of getting civ4 instead since its older and my MBP should be able to handle those specs better.

will getting civ 4 too much of a downgrade?

#2 Posted by Akyho (1698 posts) -

@LukeSkywaka: I have to laugh. The exact same happened to me but with Civ 4 and Civ3. Yeah the longer the game goes on the more the AI takes up CPU to do its moves. It ended up taking an hour on CIV4 to load one turn once.

I was lucky between CIV4 and 3 not much realy changes. While Civ 5 and 4 BIG changes happen. Such as stacking units is taken out, which changes combat tactics complexly and other things.

Its going to be a difference. However Civ is still great. You will have to relearn alot of things from the CPU as it does stuff.

#3 Posted by AlexW00d (6427 posts) -

Civ 4 is a lot better than Civ 5, so do it anyway.

#4 Posted by marvin_martian (93 posts) -

I prefer 4 over 5 anyway.  5 is just too streamlined, the way the game progresses doesn't take as much thought, culture is completely removed, unit movements are different etc.

#5 Posted by Wuddel (2100 posts) -

@LukeSkywaka: I prefer 5 to 4, since combat in pre-5 is extremely retarded and requires no thinking at all. Play in strategic mode. Makes a lot of difference.

#6 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

Thats what you get for buying a crapple.  

#7 Posted by MentalDisruption (1670 posts) -

It shouldn't be too much of a downgrade. Honestly, they both have their pros and cons which make them even out imo. If you can live without a hex grid and with unit stacking then Civ IV is perfectly fine. It'll just take some adjusting.

#8 Posted by Demoskinos (15131 posts) -

@marvin_martian: Culture is still in Civ 5. Its still a win condition and there are plenty of Culture buildings and techs

#9 Edited by North6 (321 posts) -

pretty sure he means they took out the push and pull that happens when two cultures bump against each other and nation lines get redrawn, if so I also don't understand why they removed that. Overall 4 is more complicated in most of the micromanagey ways.

#10 Posted by Shakezula84 (443 posts) -

@LukeSkywaka: I've only played a little of Civ5 but my experience with the series is that you are always able to go back to previous versions. I still enjoy a good game of Civ2. Civ4 has religion (which the Civ5 expansion added) that I felt was an awesome layer to the game. And I greatly appreciated that in Civ4 the late game version of religion (which still exists in some form even if a civ has abolished religion) is corporations. Having control of a corp can change a disadvantaged civ into a world power (I've had many times had no oil within my territory and had to rely on trade to get it, but one of the corps is a synthetic oil company).

So I think you can safely go back to Civ4. Even further, but I am still of the opinion that Civ3 was the weakest.

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