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#1 Posted by bemusedchunk (817 posts) -

So I bought Civ V during one of Steams massive sales (I think it was last xmas). Anyway, haven't even loaded up the game.

Until this past weekend. Convinced two friends of mine to buy it ($7.50 sale going on, but still activated on Steam), and was consumed all weekend with this.

I am looking for more friends to play with!

I have a small mumble server to use voice chat, since typing can be a bit of a pain due to clicking on the chat box each effing time.

Anywho, add me on Steam if you would like another Civ to ally/conquer. My name on there is bemusedchunk.

#2 Posted by believer258 (12712 posts) -

You can voice chat through Steam's chatter thingamajig, though...

#3 Posted by bemusedchunk (817 posts) -

Oh snap! I had no idea!

I'll have to check that out.

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