Golden age question

#1 Posted by RYNO9881 (659 posts) -

I'm kind of close to having a golden age through excess happiness. My question is, will building the Taj Mahal reset my excess happiness pool to zero? Or will the happiness pool stay the same and the Taj Mahal golden age is just a bonus and I can get a happiness golden age soon after?


#2 Posted by tds418 (216 posts) -

Happiness pool will remain the same after the Taj Mahal golden age ends.

#3 Posted by TheWyotee93 (202 posts) -

He's right. It picks up where you left off.

#4 Posted by RYNO9881 (659 posts) -

Cool. Thanks a lot guys.

#5 Posted by gabha (397 posts) -

Also, if you were already in a golden age then  had it built, the golden age would extend, same with sacrificing great people.

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