I want some people for a day of CIV 5!

#1 Posted by Destro190 (10 posts) -

I am looking at a day this weekend to put together a marathon game. If anybody is interested please pm me or reply to the topic!

#2 Posted by DeF (5222 posts) -

a whole day? :)

#3 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

Civ 5 with other people makes an extremely long game last even longer. No thank you.

#4 Posted by Tuppence (16 posts) -

Well, I count 5 people here on the forum who fancy some sort of Civ 5 game. I'm up for anything. Maybe we should arrange something and PM everyone who seemed interested in a game.

#5 Posted by Winternet (8240 posts) -

But, then I have to install it and then play it for a long long time.

Also, I'm going for a marathon drinking this Saturday so that may mess any plans.

#6 Edited by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

I might be interested if I have time this weekend. I have been meaning to get back into Civ 5 for quite some time now.

#7 Posted by Laksa (254 posts) -

has the multiplayer probs been fixed? i might be interested

#8 Posted by Tuppence (16 posts) -

@Laksa: To which problems do you refer? There's still no animations available, but after a brief LAN game I played once I encountered no specific problems.

#9 Posted by css_switchfoot (160 posts) -

I'm down. I've never played any Civ game in multiplayer

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