Is Civ 5 on steam compatible with non-steam expansions?

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I have Civ 5 vanilla on Steam, and am interested in getting Gods and Kings. My question is, if I get a non-steam version through Amazon (which is cheaper right now), will it be compatible? Or do I have to get it on Steam?

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I got Gods and Kings through GreenamnGaming as far as i recall and it was pretty much a steam key. Odds are the cd key will be in box and you can plug that into steam as im sure civ 5 is a steam linked game

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I don't think there is such a thing as a non steam version of the game or the expansions, check on amazon to be sure, but I think you'll find in the description that it requires steam activation even though you bought it on amazon.

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Civilization V and all its expansions use Steamworks. There is no practical difference between buying it on Amazon or buying it on Steam.

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