It's really hard to keep allies.

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Playing as Siam, I started a new game with the goal of reaching cultural victory (I turn off the Time victory condition in setup). Everything was going great, I had lots of monuments and temples and stuff. 
Then fucking George fucking Washington, who had up until then been my friend and ally, starts settling new cities IN and AROUND my cities, that have not yet expanded to their full size. Then he gets pissed when my cities naturally expand because I have a faster growing population than him. And then he attacks. 
What. The. Fuck? I literally did nothing. 
Has anyone had similar problems, and if so, come up with any solutions? If not, I'm gonna load an auto save and take that mother fucker out.

#2 Posted by SSully (4660 posts) -

It is hard to keep allys, i have no advice on how to keep them, but when settling your cities you should expand near your enemy and build your cities so that there is no gap in your borders. If you do this then your enemies(or friends) cannot settle behind your border unless you have open borders. Leaving you all the time in the world to settle behind your frontal border.  
Oh and load that auto save and take that bitch out, George Washington has had it coming for the longest time.

#3 Posted by Brenderous (1185 posts) -
@SSully said:
"Oh and load that auto save and take that bitch out, George Washington has had it coming for the longest time. "
He was so nice too, then he had to be a total bizzatch.
#4 Posted by bcjohnnie (456 posts) -
@Brenderous said:
" @SSully said:
He was so nice too, then he had to be a total bizzatch. "
I think that's a direct quote from the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on George Washington.
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When you "discuss" on the diplomacy screen there is an option for "don't settle near me" and that has worked fine for me, it doesn't make them angry or anything.

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With city states around, I never consider my aliances with other players to ever be concrete, since they are technically trying to win as well. The closer I got to winning the closer all my allies became little bitches. So just think of this as some reality TV show where you only make alliances with other pleyers as long as it suits both of you. City states on the other hand have a direct number to keep track of and they technnically aren't in it to win, so they don't get all bitchy on me when I'm near a winning condition.  
Before you take out washington (you probably already did by the time you read this). just take this into account.  

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@StaticFalconar: .....screw it, I'm going full military.
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@Brenderous: just build up enough troops to wipe out and overtake the cities he dared to settle near you.  
if you fend him off for long enough he'll offer to make peace and then you can gift the military units you don't want/need to city states or to washington to improve relations.
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@odintal: I might just try that.
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Well, the other civs are trying to win too, so they aren't generally just going to happily watch you. 
When I was going for my cultural victory, I was still paranoid, and always had a strong group of frontline troops on my borders with with Japan and the Aztec.
Those troops (Hoplites and Companion Cavalry, supported by artillery, experienced from fighting barbarians and always updated to the latest tech), plus "requests" that they not settle near me, worked on Japan. 
Montezuma ended up becoming a puppet state after he mistook my small army for a weak one.

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You should play Rome: Total War, having allies is the same thing as having enemies.

#12 Posted by FourWude (2274 posts) -

It's a dog eat dog world. You're either the bully or the bullied.

#13 Posted by Sackmanjones (5206 posts) -

I can never get anyone to make a pact of cooperation it gets a little annoying but other then that great game!

#14 Posted by bwmcmaste (894 posts) -
@FourWude said:
" It's a dog eat dog world. You're either the bully or the bullied. "
One must be a realist when playing Civilization games: you are the only person you should be trusting.

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