Losing money quick

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Hey all, im over 230 turns into my game and im losing money really quick. I have about 6 or 7 cities. Loads of units and buildings. So i guess the maintainence is killing me. I have roads everywhere, workers doing there thang.

So any tips to get money back to positive?

Also my peeps are unhappy aswell. Whats best way to juggle this? Because i cant build buildings that cheer them up because of maintainence expenses.

Any tips, help or advice please.

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Click your financial advisor and do as she says. Those advisors will rarely steer your wrong. 
Axe any units you aren't using right now at this very moment (if you're at war, don't axe the units who are attacking, or if you're being invaded, don't delete the defenders) but any scouts, naval ships that aren't doing anything, obsolete units that you can't afford to upgrade, and start having your workers build Trading posts. Those things might not look like a good investment, but when you've got 10-20, they'll be worth it. 
As for the happiness...I dunno, cause I don't know your situation. I haven't had to deal with an unhappy populace, but all I can suggest are courthouses in your conquered cities and make sure you're harvesting/mining luxury goods.

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Trade routes, markets, make sure all your luxury goods are being farmed.  In a pinch you can also set your cities to produce gold instead of something else.  
If you've done all that, you may have overextended yourself.

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Yeah, sometimes your choices are to stop expanding for awhile, until you can get the right social policies and/or grow your economy. 
Also, if you have 2 of any luxury, its usually easy to trade the extra for some cash. Even a couple hundred gold could give you time to turn your economy around. 
Or you can live with being broke if you're steamrolling and are close to a conquest victory. 
Another recommendation would be to make captured cities puppets- that is way easier on your happiness, though you can't control what they build and so I have noticed puppet states are less economy friendly because they build EVERYTHING.
Mostly though, if you're big and have a huge army, you want the right social policies. They help a ton.

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Ahh, you did the same thing I did, build everything.  My building upkeep was just so high, that it would cripple me at the later part of the game.  You need to decide which method you are going to try to win the game.  Are you going conquest?  Probably shouldn't build all those science and culture buildings unless you have a huge + gold income.  Only have roads going between your cities for the trade.  I rarely if ever build any extra road. 
And, you don't always have to be building something.  Don't need any more units or have no need for the buildings left?  Turn that production into gold or science.
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If there is nothing more important to build always invest your hammers in Market/Bank/Stock Exchange and Mints. They have no upkeep.
The AI often makes unefficient cities. Raze them as you conquer them.

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@Wuddel said:
" The AI often makes unefficient cities. Raze them as you conquer them. "
This, definitely. I usually leave a few cities intact for production of units during long conflicts, but taking on AI cities can really cripple you unless you're careful.
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Just an update, I played for about 2 hours last night and straight away (from using everyones tips) managed to get straight back into the black :) after building a few buildings to help my culture side, everything is going much better, i've taken a few cities off a Civ and took out another City state. Overall i'm almost 300 turns in and have about 12 or 13 cities, making alot of Gold per turn. I cant wait to take out the rest of the Civs and win! :)

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Did you just come from playing Civ4? Because I have the exact same problem and it feels like this plays very differently.

#10 Posted by Hooded (492 posts) -
@Vodun said:

" Did you just come from playing Civ4? Because I have the exact same problem and it feels like this plays very differently. "

 Never played CIv 4 or any other Civs on the PC infact, I've only played CIv Rev on 360 and iPhone. 
#11 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -
@Hooded:  Well, maybe that has the same mechanics. I never felt like i would stop building things in 4, it didn't have as much of an impact on my economy.
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I had the same problem, but turned it around by using my Great People to trigger Golden Ages, building lots of Markets >> Banks >> Stock Exchanges, and deleting excess units. Seemed to work well enough.

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