Mac updates?

#1 Posted by Romination (2825 posts) -

So I got Civ V yesterday during the steam sale and installed it and everything, but when I tried to play with my girlfriend, it said "version incompatibility", or something of the sort.

Do I need to update Civ? Her's is completely up to date. Also note I'm running a mac, so does this mean I get the updates later?

And yes, playing on a Mac means I'm new to gaming on computers, so if this is a really stupid question, yo dog, I don't know this shit.

#2 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

That's weird. If you get Civ V through Steam on a Mac then it ought to give you the correct, most-up-to date version of the game. Have you tried looking at the Steam forums? Might be better off asking there.

#3 Posted by Romination (2825 posts) -

I'll reinstall just in case and if nothing I'll go asking around there.

#4 Posted by Wuddel (2316 posts) -

The Mac version lags behind a bit in term of patches. They will catch up in a few weeks.

#5 Posted by elko84 (1253 posts) -

Is she on the PC? I don't think Civ will play multiplayer with one person on a mac and another on a pc. Because yes the Mac version doesn't get updated when the PC version does. I've seen it take as long as a month before it was caught up.

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