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#1 Posted by zeefoes (58 posts) -

I played about 1 game of this, and it was quite a long one, and I noticed that the longer I played the longer it would take to load in between turns. At one point it would take like 30-40 seconds in between every turn, making the game unplayable. 
The game settings were: setup > huge > pangea > standard time > all enemies. 
Playing on a laptop: 4Gb total ram, i7 M620, regular gfx card for thinkpad t510 (it's not bad)
High - med graphics
I'm guessing at later stages the game has trouble updating like 12 AI civilizations?? Is that the case?  
Anyone else experience this?

#2 Posted by Finstern (648 posts) -

Pretty much spot on, happened in another Civ type game I play, Star Trek Birth of the Federation.  
Only difference between me and you is that my turns take 40 seconds and I have a Q6600 2.40ghz processor and your cpu dwarfs mine.

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Yep this happens to about everyone at some point in a 12-player match-up. Have you tried loading the saved games again? I heard some people say it runs quicker again after reloading saves.
Other than that, it's either some sort of bug or this game needs a monster CPU (from the future) to run late game.

#4 Posted by zeefoes (58 posts) -

 Well I thought it was just my computer being slow so I restarted it.. so reloading the save didn't work I would say. 
Guess I'll stay away from mass AI games, it's not like I met even half of them anyways. 
Also, anyone know if it's possible to use 2d portraits in the meetings. Everytime an opponent talks to me the game hangs trying to load that 3d model and stuff.

#5 Posted by Finstern (648 posts) -

I turned it down to minimum and it seemed to stop the hanging, mostly loads instantly now and it doesn't look any different to me

#6 Posted by s7evn (1067 posts) -

Yeah, the game destroys my CPU.

#7 Posted by eccentrix (1704 posts) -
@zeefoes:  Running it in DX9 version stops the portrait animations, or it did for me at least. My games take about 2 minutes to load, it's ridiculous.
#8 Posted by elko84 (1215 posts) -
@Finstern said:
" Pretty much spot on, happened in another Civ type game I play, Star Trek Birth of the Federation.   Only difference between me and you is that my turns take 40 seconds and I have a Q6600 2.40ghz processor and your cpu dwarfs mine. "
Oh BOTF, I remember that game :)
#9 Posted by Finstern (648 posts) -
@elko84: still a great game that holds up well to this day, we still LAN it on occasion :P
#10 Posted by InfamousBIG (3263 posts) -

I'm interested to see how this will run with a six core CPU after hearing about this right and left.  Now just to find the money to buy it...

#11 Posted by Snotty (50 posts) -

I think its because you are playing on a huge map. Theres a lot of information to be processed between turns there. If you are playing on standard maps and having similar hang ups then you have a different problem. I only play on huge if I am willing to accept the delay between turns

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I'm playing on an Earth-sized map with the maximum number of other civs and civ-states...I'm on about turn 300 having just entered the Renaissance, and each turn is taking around 10-12 seconds already.  
I'm running a 3.4ghz AMD 965 quad core clocked to 3.65ghz, 4ghz of DDR3 at 1333mhz, and an ATI 5950. It seems like my computer can barely run this game, even though I can run any other current game at maximum settings on ultra high resolutions at ridiculous framerates.  
The kicker is, I haven't seen my CPU or GPU usage go above 30%-ish at any time during gameplay. I'm calling it poor coding.

#13 Posted by Praab_NZ (281 posts) -

This isnt a processor dependent game, it throws almost everything through your GPU (Cpu shows me an almost constant 15-20% usage). I've got a 5970 and it has a fricken fit the longer the game progesses. I play on max settings with 8x AA and all that, I have a sneaking suspicion that this game caches a heap in your graphics ram and regular ram. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this game is poorly optimised.
I get 78% usage with my 6gb of ram! First game ever to do that.

#14 Posted by PerryVandell (2190 posts) -
@MB: Sounds like it was built in Russia, since most of the time games that come from there seem to only use a single core. I guess we can only hope for a patch?

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