Possible to start workers automated?

#1 Posted by kylenalepa (162 posts) -

I was looking in the game options and didn't see this. Anybody know if it's possible to turn this on in Civilization 5? I know it was there in 4...

#2 Posted by Animasta (14818 posts) -

I don't think so, haven't seen it at least.

#3 Posted by elko84 (1221 posts) -

Yes you can automate your workers.

#4 Posted by StarvingGamer (8900 posts) -
@elko84: I think he's asking if you can set it so your workers automatically automate after they've been created.
#5 Posted by Sanity (2042 posts) -

Nope don't think so, but its not that hard to automate each one. I find i don't usually want all of them automated anyways though.

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