Post Game Statistics/ Performance Metrics

#1 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (175 posts) -

Does this game have any statistics about how your performed after a game is over?  I'd love to see some detailed metrics about different resources vs time etc. 

#2 Posted by Zurv (448 posts) -

nope... just score :(
#3 Posted by Chaser324 (6792 posts) -

This is one of the most disappointing aspects of this game...I miss my line graphs.

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#4 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

Wow... How could they take that out? They let CivRev inspire them a little too much if you ask me.

#5 Posted by rjayb89 (7730 posts) -

There were graphs?  I'm into graphs, man.

#6 Posted by n00bosaurusRex (175 posts) -

I wonder how difficult it would be for someone to mod that in

#7 Posted by Zurv (448 posts) -

it already keeps odd data for achivements.. so it shouldn't be to hard for the other stuff.
#8 Posted by Branthog (5611 posts) -

It gives you some score and demographic data that is essentially useless. The histograms are completely fucking gone. There is really no post-game analysis to be had.

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