Science Victory jank?

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#1 Posted by zymase (178 posts) -

All right, have all six necessary pieces assembled for the spaceship, and have them at my capital with the space scaffolding waiting.  But no option anywhere to add parts to spaceship, whether the units are outside or inside the city itself.  Looked around online, others having the same problem but no solid fixes yet.   
Is anyone else seeing this or does it just display something obvious to you about how to assemble the spaceship?

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#2 Posted by Mike (16844 posts) -

That's what I get for going Epic...12 hours into the game and I'm still using swords.

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#3 Posted by Aeterna (1129 posts) -

hmm, my first map played was  science victory. No issue, It was the top option on the unit menu when it reached the capital. Worked for all parts without fail.

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#4 Posted by Zurv (642 posts) -

i never fully fnished it.. but when i build some parts and they made themselves to the captail there was a button (on the city.. or was it on the "unit"?) to add them to the rocket or something.
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#5 Posted by vogon (104 posts) -

yeah, the button is on the unit; it should be the topmost one in the unit's list of moves.
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#6 Posted by Osaladin (2671 posts) -

I had the same problem, and was forced to go for a culture win instead of a science one. I'm hoping I missed something, but I don't think I did.

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#7 Posted by zymase (178 posts) -

No, Osaladin, sounds like something is up.  We're not alone on the internets with this, and there definitely isn't an option on the units or the city to add parts to the rocket.  I ended with a Diplomatic victory but came back to see if I could get the Science victory to work, and still no luck.  Still love Civ V though.

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#8 Posted by yinstarrunner (1296 posts) -

Weird bug. I just won a tech victory, and it was easy as pie.

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#9 Posted by vogon (104 posts) -

there are definitely some bugs with the spaceship parts.  I mentioned in a blog post a few threads down that if you start building a spaceship part and then switch production on the city away from it, you lose the ability to ever build that part anywhere ever again.  which sucks.
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#10 Posted by DMan777 (14 posts) -

I completed the ship last night with no problems.  The only difficulty I had was when I had a worker in my Capital it wouldn't let me move a piece into the city (can't stack non-combat units).  Once the piece was in my capital and currently selected, the top icon on the unit orders menu was available to send the part to the ship.
@vogon:  I believe that building a component expends the spaceship factory.  Once you change production, you would have lost it.  Build a new SS factory and you should be able to re-build the part.

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#11 Posted by Eggroll822 (36 posts) -

good things to keep in mind,  maybe this isn't the right place but to tech victory your production and science has to through the roof right?  Mainly focusing on those items well help research and get buildings that will aid you.  I'm a civ5 noob so excuse the lack in knowledge, I ended up just taking everyone over in my first game want to make a spaceship now.

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#12 Posted by Osaladin (2671 posts) -

Update: Ok so after the first time I tried to science victory, I loaded up that old save and confirm that there was and is no option to join them. However, I tried to go science victory on my game as the Americans yesterday and it worked, so I guess it was just in that one game that it didn't work. Now I just have to get that diplomacy victory...

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#13 Posted by Swoxx (3030 posts) -

Just got this glitch, needless to say after 16 hours there are a lot of bombs falling, both the F and C kind, in my apartment

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#14 Posted by eroticfishcake (7857 posts) -

I think it's a good idea to stray away from Science victories until Firaxis fixes this since a lot of you seem to be having problems with this. Besides, it's faster just to kill everyone.

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