Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

#1 Posted by elko84 (1156 posts) -
Hey Civ fans, want to get your Civ craving outside of the computer and with people in person?  Well Fantasy Flight Games released Civilization as a board game a few months ago.  I picked this up myself as it looks fun.  Hoping to try it out with my buddy this week.  Here is the link to the product page for it.    
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Wow, looks interesting!  Let us know how the game is!

#3 Posted by Stexred (6 posts) -
@elko84: oh nice
#4 Posted by EvilConker (74 posts) -

I saw that game in action during PAX East... And I didn't get it.

That game is a lesson in non-comprimization when designing a board game, they tried to cover every little thing and were willing to adapt nothing, the result is a $60 mess.
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@EvilConker: Wrong.  If you know how to play Civ, the board game follows the same rules.  It's fairly easy.  I guess it could be hard to just look at it without understanding how to play and not get it. 
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@elko84: Real Civ has a lot of statistical automation that this board game wants players to figure out for themselves. It took an hour to get through the demonstration, which only covered the first three turns and actually FIGURING OUT how to play.

I took a good look at the manual, it looked like what we got with Civ IV (223 pages, no wonder Civ V went digital.)

Also, I know how to play Civ, I've played/own Civ IV, Civ Revolution, and Civ V.

This is just too complex for a standard board game...
#7 Posted by elko84 (1156 posts) -
@EvilConker: It's not a standard board game.  This is no Candy Land.  Learning the rules of the board game can take a good hour, but that only needs to be accomplished once (unless you play with new players all the time obviously).  But it's not that complex as I took two people who have never played any Civ game or even knew what Civ was about and they figured out the board game.
#8 Posted by EvilConker (74 posts) -
@elko84: I'm saying they should've made SOME attempt at making this more of a board game and less of a direct port, minus the computing power.
#9 Posted by TurboMan (7857 posts) -

Great... an eight hour board game.


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