So how's Civ V going these days?

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I haven't played Civ V since a few weeks after launch. I know there have been a few patches. So what has changed in the game? I dont think I had any issues with the original game, but I've been thinking of reinstalling it. Just curious if I will notice any changes. Hows the dlc been? Any cool mods since release? Just want an update from those still playing the game. Mostly interested in the single player though.

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Yeah, they made a few fun tweaks to the singleplayer (I do not play multiplayer.) and added the hooks for the paid-DLC, which are civs each coming with a scenario.

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Civ 5's SDK is a goddamn mess so nobody's really made great mods. And the modd-added civs are made by patriots who all think their country should be brokenly overpowered, so none of them are worth playing either.

#4 Posted by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

@ryanwho: thas bad news, I was hoping some really great mods would have been made by now. Not just maps or scenarios, but actually gameplay altering mods.

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@MrOldboy said:

@ryanwho: thas bad news, I was hoping some really great mods would have been made by now. Not just maps or scenarios, but actually gameplay altering mods.

So the DLC scenarios are mods basically. (Different rules, sometimes different units)

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I stil play it every few weeks for a few hours. I'm still enjoying it quite a bit. But it's true that the DLC has been thin and disappointing, and the mods ... well, last time I looked a few months back I didn't see much of interest. Too bad, really. The game could use an expansion pack.

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The other posts in this thread are pretty true, but as far as patches, they did make quite a few balance changes including adding some new structures and stuff.

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New balance patch coming out tomorrow. Some nice changes.

#9 Posted by DonPixel (2737 posts) -

It is among the top 5 played on the steam list even nowadays. I do not multiplay but the single player seems to be better than ever.

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Some achievements are still completely broken, if you care about those

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Man those patch changes, the game feels pretty different and, dare I say it, better. Early combat in general, and Germany in particular, are way more viable because the Honor tree now gives culture for killing barbarians (one brute = 6 culture, it adds up fast) and Germany gets reduced army size maintenance.

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Yeah, I am liking it too. The general notion is though that they simply patched in more ways to get hammers and happiness. Making the game flow a bit more fluid.

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I should really get around to buying Civ V. What I played of the demo seemed more reminiscent of the awesomeness of Civ III, rather than the snoozefest that was Civ IV.

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I've played it for a couple of days and then got bored with it. There is only one unique unit and building and a rarely useful civilization trait, you played with one civilization you've played with all of them.

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The patches have changed balance and tweaked overall gameplay fairly drastically. The way you deal with AI opponents/allies has changed . You denounce players as they would you, and it's up to other nations to decide which side to back. Also, denouncing players has a set period of time where it wil affect your relationship with AI players, so you won't necessarily be mortal enemies with one civ forever just because you sided against them or an ally once in history.
Culture reward paths have all been completely overhauled, especially the three earliest ones. Bonuses seem to be a lot greater to reflect how hard it was to win a cultural victory compared to just stomping everything militarily. Not sure how much it will help ultimately, as I rarely play all out conquest style anyway. 
Everything from technology bonuses to what perks buildings offer you has changed. It's kept the game interesting for me even after all this time.
Then there's the DLC civilizations. I like the uniqueness of each civilization (like Isabella benefitting from seeking out and building cities near natural wonders, or the recent civ added that gets to cross oceans from the start of the game and get a head start exploring). I don't like the nickel and dime cost of everything. I'd much rather have bought it all in a full-fledged expansion pack. However, they *have* had DLC on sale on Steam before, so if you're lucky enough to catch one of those days, scoop it up. Each new civ changes the way you play the game, so it's definitely another one of those things that keeps an old game fresh and fun.

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