Tech Victory, need tips!

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So I just got done playing on standard/prince/continents map as Rome. In the end, I just got conquered because I knew I wasn't going to get the tech win and started fighting against the guys who was taking over the whole friggin' world.  I basically only got to the make the apollo program by the end of the game :/  thought it was going well cause i was chugging out 200-300 science by then.   
So I'm going to to try again, any tips on leader? buildings to focus on? size I should stay around? city-state relations? 
I think I'll try rome again, but stay around 2-3 cities big this time as opposed to (4 or 5 last time).  Also be a little more aggressive in keeping the peace with the other civs instead of letting them get taken over.  Need to watch my gold consumption also and not improve so many tiles.  Focus on academic buildings and not so much the other cause they eat up gold also, which i could use to butter up city-states. UGH, just a bit dissappointing to lose after all that time, my 2nd civ game ever (won the first by force) .

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A tech victory is all about having good production. You need a stable economy, and a happy population. You can still get in wars, just make sure your people stay happy, and your cities continue to build at a constant rate. 
During my tech victory game I ended up having 2 major wars with the Germans and Gandhi, after i cleared my continent of those fools i went into one big production spree, having all science, production, and most gold producing buildings in all of my cities. Once i got to the point of being able to build space ship production facilities i had about 12-15 cities, but only concentrated building space parts in about 5. In those 5 cities i emphasized production while in the rest i emphasized gold to keep a steady economy.  
I initially did not try for a tech victory, but by the time i finished my war with Gandhi I realized i wouldnt win by sheer power. If it wasnt for all the golden ages i managed to get(thank you great wonders!) i would have lost the game. My space ship wasn't complete until about 2010, so it was close. If you focus on it early on you should be able to win around the mid 1900's

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Tech victories require bigger empires as the amount of research points needed for a tech does not increase like culture does.  Also, you can always turn off the Time Victory condition so it'll go past 2050 without incident.

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Science doesn't suffer from having multiple cities, they can all contribute to your research. Conquering one or two empires is one of the best ways to expand to prime territory with the luxuries you'll need.   So you might as well start your wars with Ghandi and the ruler of Siam since they'll come after you later anyway. Military and science victory go hand in hand, at least at Prince level difficulty. The tech keeps your empire at the cutting edge, and the military helps fuel the expansion which fuels the tech.
Phase 1: Expand. It's just like a military victory at first, you need balanced growth. The science boosting buildings don't really show up until mid-game anyway. Remember to raze cities that aren't going to optimize well. Chase after sources of happiness because it's the main throttle on your empire growth. Try to target cities with luxuries you don't have so that the happiness added offsets the unhappiness from expansion.
Phase 2: Consolidate. Shore up your borders, build up those cities, and most importantly, turn maritime colonies into allies to fuel growth 
Phase 3: You've got a sizeable empire to tech with, you'll blow past everyone else easily by this point, and if they try to screw with your military, your tanks will steamroll their pikemen. 
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hmmm I do have a save from turn 200 or so, maybe i'll go back and try expanding/taking over dudes.  This is all good information, Thanks!

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Ally with every city state, and have the patronage policy and you will get shit loads of science and culture! 
I was allied with like 8 city states and have over 500 science and 200 culture and i don't even buy any science/culture buildings.

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will the city states hate me if I start marching on fools?  I guess I have to be kind of selective on which ones I keep/raze/liberate.

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If you are ally with a city state they will always declare war on your enimies :D. It's awsome when i declare war on someone all 8 city states also declare war on them  XD.
Aslo Liberate any city states you come accross you will become allies staight away.

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Science mainly comes from population. I think with all science buildings a grassland farm is still producing more science than jungle/trading post. I think city specialization is the key. Found 1-2 cities in grassland heavy environments that also have a couple of food resources costal cities near rivers are often very good for that. Buy all science buildings in there immediately as they become available. (Production will be low.) Also buy all food and growth buildings. Set it to manual specialist control switch on all scientists, switch on food focus. Build a national college soon. (after the second or third city) and ally maritime city states for more food. I am not sure if you should switch science cities to science production. I usually let them produce money buildings and basic cultural buildings so i do not have to by all the tiles (buy all food resource tiles of course). Use your first great scientist to build an academy on a grassland tile in your college city, bulb the rest. Pair that with a production heavy capital. You still have to fight 1-2 wars for expansion, but you should easily outtech the AI, since it does not get any bonuses on Prince. 
Babylon is obviously the best Civ for that, if you have the Deluxe Edition. I fell that is almost cheating.

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Last night around 4:30 am, I finished the tech victory!  The rome campaign I had to go for the Diplomatic win and pay everyone off.  I started another play as greece/continents/prince.  So gathering everyones comments I was armed with lots of information to beast this play through.  It was really a combination of things you have to worry about.  Culture definitely helps by giving you perks went with tradition first, patronage, rationale, and order in the later game.  I was pushing out 500+ science by the end and around 150 culture. Actually postponed building the space ship for a while cause I wanted to get the explore the whole tech tree achievement.  I could of launched in the 1960's.   
It really was a balancing act though I wanted the culture perks and only had 3 "owned" cities, had about 4 puppet ones.  so deciding for science buildings vs. culture was tough then also producing items that would help with overall production.  After my citizen count go high I started making trading posts on top of farms to stifle growth and give me gold+science (had +1 science for every trading post).  You really need those culture policies in order to get the perks to win though.  The Rationale tree is tremendous for this, greece perks combined with patronage I rarely had to buy off the city-states because it degraded so slowly.    Also wasn't afraid to go to war with others on my continent, took over america and siam.  They kept testing my borders.   
The only thing I wasn't happy about is well my overall "happiness"  it was pretty steady around 7 high around 20's.  I just don't know how to make this number rise and stay.  I build entertainment building every once in a while and it goes up then falls.  Get a policy that cuts % of whatever and it goes up then falls.  I guess the people get tired of the things you implement after a while?  Also GPT is a bit touchy, mid game it was going +50 because of the trade network, but then dipped into the single digits and even minus.  I sacrificed my general for a golden age and adopted order to help with building maintenance.  I feel like at best I can only mediate gold and happiness not really control.   
Also ran into the bug of trading horses and when the deal is expired they give the horses back EVERY turn for a while.  I think at the end I had 2000+ horses.   So I steered away from trying to use the horses in trades.   There was a bug where a peace treaty would pop up as being over for probably 20 turns with washington.  His voice over also was incorrect after a while, when i would click him to trade it would say something about the peace treaty. 
Oh yea so apparently you have to have 3 boosters :/ didn't find this out until I put everything together and it wasn't launching.  Then I realized the SS Booster was still available in the queues.

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Population  increases will cause unhappiness.  You can order your cities into a no growth mode if you want but that of course has drawbacks.

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@lolak47 said:
" If you are ally with a city state they will always declare war on your enimies :D. It's awsome when i declare war on someone all 8 city states also declare war on them  XD. Aslo Liberate any city states you come accross you will become allies staight away. "
That is true for cities of other civs that have been conquered - liberating them and the other civ is in your ally.
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oh really? how long does that last? I know when you liberate a city-state it's been forever from what i've seen.

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@Eggroll822 said:
" oh really? how long does that last? I know when you liberate a city-state it's been forever from what i've seen. "
Not sure how long it lasts, but they voted for me in the UN.  Note that I did liberate the civ back from being dead in this case.
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I think it's forever, as well, since I stayed in one civilization's territory to wipe out another's for over, at least, 50 turns for sure.  I liberated Greece's capital, and despite that civ's leader being a punk to me soon afterwards, my victory progress maintained that he would still vote for me once the UN assembled to vote.

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The hardest part of a tech victory is resisting to take over all the other civs cause you'll be about 30 technologies ahead of them

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i took over all but one of the other civs and then we stood toe to toe along our border while i built all the SS parts.  
taking over almost everything gave me a ton of research resources. 

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You can easily win tech victory without taking over anyone by 1900 even on Warlord difficulty.   (I haven't tried it on Prince yet.)
The key, counter-intuitively, is to not expand very much and focus on building 4-5 close together cities into massive production and science havens.  You want all the good science buildings and plenty of population to fill in the specialists for the Library, University and Public School.  Then focus on factories and other production boosting buildings (and the space ship factories, obviously).   Maritime city-states are your friends!
 With this I was able to build all 5 space ship parts in the span of about 30 turns (3 cities all making a booster simultaneously, with one working engine.  The first to finish (capital, natch) started the cockpit immediately), and the took another 3 to assemble them.
Don't try and research anything you don't need.  For example, railroads while nice, are not strictly needed ever.   So if your cities are close enough and you aren't in dire need of moving units around, don't research them.

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