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Civilization V: Gandhi is a Prick

Ah yes, the Civilization games. There mostly known for their complete addictiveness (I'm not sure that is a word) and that prominent issue of "just one more turn"

Before long, it is 3 in the morning and you have had 500 "one more turns" Indeed, this is what makes Civilization great, because there is no game that will go unfinished. When you start a Civ V game, you know that you must do whatever it takes to end it, and to also kill Gandhi, that little backstabbing bastard.

If you have not played this game, then clearly you are some kind of newly-thawed neanderthal. In which case, you are using a computer, that thing you're holding is a mouse, the language I am speaking is English, and the year is 2012. And don't worry, there are no more dinosaurs.

Still, if you must have a basic synopsis, here it is:

Civilization 5 pits you as a historical, real world civilization from history on a randomly generated world. You must compete with other civilizations to obtain victory. How do you obtain victory you ask? Well, there are many ways, here i the list:

Domination- Kill Everybody

Diplomacy- Make everybody vote for you in the United Nations

Cultural- I've never gotten it because I'm a warmongering prick, but I assume this is the ending where everybody is happy and get's candy n' shit

Science- Build a huge ass spaceship and fly to Alpha Cetauri (This will undoubtedly happen to your enemy civ right as you are about to annex their last city)

Time- Everyone gets really old and dies. Aliens or some shit come down and examine how many points each civ got to determine a winner (Okay, I made that up. I'm to lazy to wait for a time victory)

So now that you know how to win, it's time to tackle the task of achieving that victory.

This game has many underlying themes. There are two in particular that are true for every game:

Gandhi is an asshole who nukes you at the nearest opportunity

The USA, Egypt, or Russia will probably backstab you

I have had many playthroughs. One where I conquered the entirety of Europe, the Middle east, and Southeast Asia as Germany, another where I nuked Gandhi to hell, another where I invaded England (and lost to their immensely OP bullshit archers) and e.t.c. The game has many possibilities.

Unfortunately, nothing as funny as EU3 or Vicky2 happens. The game is fun to play but boring to recount to others 9the Paradox Interactive games are the opposite).

Civ V is great for people who enjoy turn based strategy. If you want to play a real history and screw up things, or just want a more complex game, EU3 or any Paradox Title might be a better find. Personally, I enjoyed Civ V and found it far easier.

Also, if you want a complex version of Civilization, try the Total War games (Oh, I'll get to those). They have some similar features but many new things added in.

So there you have it. Oh, and one last word of advice, watch out for Gandhi. (Okay, I think I mentioned him enough now. Let it serve as a fair warning)


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