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Own The World, Lose Your Time 1

  Back in the late 1990s, my parents bought me a pretty old Mac from a friend my mother worked with. On this computer was Civilization II, thrown in with a bunch of other games I spent my late Middle School to High School years playing. Little did I know this was the beginning of an obsession that would last over 3 more games and 10 more years of my life. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had many a late night trying to slowly take over the world. So as you would probably expect, this review...

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A review for Civ-fans 2

It started with me skipping lunch to play Civ 1 in the computer lab in high school, and it led to spreadsheets calculating tile yields and worker moves to maximize the first 100 turns of Civ 3 games and countless big fat crosses scrawled on the back of slips of paper to figure out how many farms I needed to build to work all of a cities tiles plus specialists in Civilization 4.  So you could say that I'm an experience civilization player. If you're a fan too, then you are probably already playin...

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Civ V from a Civ IV fan 0

Civilization V feels like Firaxis took a giant step back and decided to start designing Civilization from scratch.  What they produced is a game that’s a lot more accessible to new and casual players, but can sometimes be frustrating to Civilization IV veterans.  Our first stop, one unit per tile. Hey, that's my tile  Allowing only one combat unit per tile has literally completely changed how combat works and feels in Civ 5.  In Civ 4, because the game would automatically defend with the bes...

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History at your fingertips 0

As a long-time fan of the series, I’ve always felt that Civilization games are hard to review. There’s so much content in them, and so many aspects to talk about that it can be kind of overwhelming. But there’s something to be said for keeping it simple, and the simple truth is that Civilization V is a fantastic strategy game that's as addictive as ever, and well worth your time and money. Perhaps the most logical place to start is how Civilization V has modernized the Civilization formul...

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Australia for the win! 4

As a long term fan of the original, I approached this with a sceptical heart. I had been burnt badly by Civ Rev and wondered if I was doomed to Dosbox and my original copy of Civ 1. But I was actually amazed at how well Civ 5 took the series back to the heart of the game. Whilst the hand holding "auto improve" still exists, I am still a purist of the micro management days and can still manually control the development of my empire.  The move to Hexes is something long overdue, as any tabletop ga...

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Taking a Step to the Right... and a Step Backward 1

In many ways, Civilization V is the best iteration of the Civilization series. In many other ways, it isn't.The Civilization series is a longstanding one, possessing an impressive pedigree of games. Each instalment in the series typically features incremental improvements on the core mechanics of its predecessors, adding new variables and creating greater layers of complexity.The series prior release, Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword, left you in charge of managing the production, culture...

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Civilization 5 0

I'm not a long time fan of the Civilization series.  I've dabbled in them in the past but they never caught my interest for various reasons.  However, after playing the demo which made me purchase the game which in turn made me waste hours of my life, I am now, sadly, a huge Civ fan.  In my quick review of the game I will not get into nitty-gritty detail since Ryan did a great job at explaining the core game, but I will explain the reasons why this one has turned me on to Civ and what changes we...

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Cue "Also Sprach Zarathustra" 0

Prior to Civilization V, I cannot remember the last time I sat down with a game for an entire Saturday morning… and subsequent afternoon. Civ V’s addictive time-draining nature is understandable when considering that the game unfolds like an abridged and anachronistic version of the entire course of human civilization via turn-based strategy gameplay mechanics. Players control one of nearly twenty leaders and the civilization they represent. Empires are expanded through the settlement of cities ...

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From the Civ Rev World 0

I have never played a full Civ game before Civ Rev.  So the incredibly complex world that appeals to many Civ fans was not what drew me to give Civ 5 a go.  It was the enjoyment of the "one more turn" aspect with the desire for something a little complex.  Civ 5 has given me all that, and I've barely scratched its surface.  There is still so much to learn, so much to understand, but I'm not daunted, I'm able to still keep my head above water just with everything I learned from Civ Rev, but I kno...

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Grew on me fast 2

I started out like most dedicated Civ 4 fans.  Hating on this new edition of the game for the absence of my Byzantine civilization (which is expected; I know that they are at best an expansion pack faction), religion, corporations, city health, and various wonders I had come to know and love in over 500 hours played of Civ 4.  About a month later, I'm up to 200 hours played in this game, and have grown so used to the changes that I'm not as in a big a hurry to return to Civ 4 as I originally tho...

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Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time? 0

 Civilization V is an epic strategy experience that follows a lineage of games that hang delicately balanced between deep, hardcore gameplay and accessibility.  Somehow, though, Civ 5 continues to refine and improve upon Civ 4, a game that I thought was probably as good as these games could get.  Many improvements and additions make Civ 5 the most well thought out and well polished turn based strategy I think I've ever played, and that same "Just one more turn" feeling is back in full force to k...

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Civ enters a Dark Age? 0

Here is a little disclaimer first.  I have played Civ I,II,III extensively; skipped over IV but just bought it off of Steam to replace Civ V (from what I've heard it's currently the best Civ).    Instead of typing out the long story I'll just list a few of the good and bad aspects of the game.  Unfortunately all of the good qualities can be countered by several negatives.  Good 1) Overall the game looks and sounds great when it works; I was enamored with the colors, graphics, sounds, and music 2...

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Conquering the world, or, How I lost seven hours in a snap. 0

I'll be up front and say I'm not a "Civ-Fan." I've dabbled in the series off and on and even those were largely kept to the more recent sequels. Now it wasn't that I hated the series, it just never struck my interest enough to delve in too deep. So although I rarely give into the hype I got Civilization 5 on how much excitement I kept seeing people had for it. Turns out it was worth it.  The series, as far as I can tell, carries on its traditional mechanics and style. You pick from a list of gre...

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Civ 5 first impresstions 0

 Here is a list of things I have had to do to get Civ 5 to run. Install, and re-install the gameReinstall DirectXReinstall Video DriversEdit a .ini file - everything else was fine but this is a step too farIt still crashes. I'm fairly good at computers, I fix them for a living. Surely I should be able to get the game to run smoothly. Alas, this dream eludes me. This is a real problem for PC gaming. When I got Warhammer Online, I spent the whole first day just getting it up and running. It ha...

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Steam Gestapo 0

I used to be a big fan of all of the Civ games.  Not anymore.  The illicit and misbegotten marriage with Steam has me feeling like the red headed step child.  Once it's running, all the other reviews are right, it's great.  But at a cost.  I don't want Steam.  Period.  I don't need someone looking over my shoulder, commandeering my network bandwidth,  bringing my boot-up to a screeching halt.  And what about the stupid start-up clip?  Can't we get past seeing that crap for the 40th time?  Yeah t...

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Sid Meier's Civilidon'thaveanymorefreetimebecauseofthisgame 0

The Civilization franchise has been a mainstay of PC gaming since I was a child. Even though I never tried a Civ game until Civilization 4, I always had a deep respect and fear of the series. So when I first tried my hand at Civ 4 I was almost immediately overwhelmed and frustrated by the games vast amount of options and lack of instruction. So I tried Civ Revolution when that came out, but it felt too dumbed down from what the previous game had. Civilization V fixes all the problems I’ve had fr...

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Civilization V: Gandhi is a Prick 0

Ah yes, the Civilization games. There mostly known for their complete addictiveness (I'm not sure that is a word) and that prominent issue of "just one more turn"Before long, it is 3 in the morning and you have had 500 "one more turns" Indeed, this is what makes Civilization great, because there is no game that will go unfinished. When you start a Civ V game, you know that you must do whatever it takes to end it, and to also kill Gandhi, that little backstabbing bastard.If you have not played th...

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World domination, brotha. 0

 Part of me felt confused when I caught wind that Civilization 5 would present a more streamlined experience than in the past. I never thought that the original Civilization games were particularly complex (okay, maybe Civ 3). I mean, what’s so hard to understand? Cavemen need to build the Wheel to pump out chariots in order to conquer Moscow. Seems simple enough. I figure that if you can understand what it takes for mankind to go from clay pots to nuclear warheads, you can understand Civ...

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Small improvements make it the best in the series... 0

Civilization V is the fifth historical turned based strategy game in the Civilization series. Five years after the previous title, it seems that not much has changed. Civilization games have always been very good turn based strategy games, which distinguished themselves from other game by brilliant interface. This last game is no different and offer a great experience throughout but doesn't seem to be a lot different from it's predecessor. As in previous games, controlling a nation through ...

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The time killer is here. 0

The sheer amount of time you can invest in this game and still have a new experience dwarfs anything on the PC, including WoW.  When you add in mods and customizing anything you want, well, it could be a new game every day if you wanted.  Civ V will eat your time up and will impact your life because you will simply be so engrossed that you will need to set a timer to remind you that you have to go to work, eat, sleep, or pee.     The visuals are awesome if you have the money and power.  But, if ...

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A Fantastic Continuation of the Civilization Series 2

On the off-chance you’ve not encountered it before, Sid Meier’s Civilization is a series of turn-based strategy games which task you with leading one of the great civilisations from human history, and developing it over time from a group of a few scattered tribesmen to a thriving modern-day empire. Along the way you pick the technologies they adopt, what they build, their politics, their military decisions, and a whole lot more in an attempt to compete with other civilisations to fulfil one of t...

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Civilization V: Review 0

     With a franchise as revered and successful as Civilization, each release will evidently have very high expectations to live up to. After showing off all the new features and changes in the latest addition to the series, Firaxis had to make a fantastic game to live up to the desires of their fans. They have produced an incredible strategy game that manages to make changes to improve the gameplay while sticking close to what makes the series so great. The new interface is very sleek and well...

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