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I love Pirates... but not that much. 0

I picked up Sid Meiers' Pirates! for the Wii because I had filled my computer with too much illegal music to be able to play the computer versio anymore. Am I joking about illegal music? Most difinitely, but I have enough to be able to go three weeks without hearing the same song. As for the game, Pirates! for the Wii. I wish I could go a little bit more.   If you have never played Pirates! and you own a Wii, then this is one game you should own. For those who love the 2004 version, I would sugg...

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Arrrrr. 0

The game graphics may not be dazzling and the sound can come and go, but I focus on the game play and I listen to podcasts (Giantbomb) instead of getting annoyed of over the music.I have a grate time ruining the French's ships and plundering the Spanish towns. The game seems more for nine year olds, but the simple game play will still keep you wanting to get the English enraged over the sinking of their new governors ship. I thought 2k would at lest try to get the game into store. I thought the ...

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One of the most insanely addictive games this side of Tetris 0

 The remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! (yes, that's the title - they could have shortened it, but oh well) holds the record for the game I have installed, uninstalled and later reinstalled the most times ever. It represents the very simple, yet crazy addicting gameplay that all the Sid Meier-games are known for, but foregoes the whole colonization and citybuilding simulation perspective, and instead sets sails to an interesting new premise.    GameplayThe 'resource management' is boiled down to the...

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This game provides days of entertainment with so much to do. 0

For those who have a bit of pirate in 'em, good old Sid Meier's got you covered. With a title that has Sid's name right on the box, you know your getting the ultimate in simulated experience. This time he takes you back to the late 1600's when pirating ravaged the Caribbean and the English, French, Dutch, and Spanish nations are fighting for control of it all. Sid's clever meld of mini-game action and strategic conquest push Sid Meier's Pirates! to the level you would expect coming from the fath...

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