Sid Meier's Railroads 2

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Dear Sid,

I know the GB crew has committed you to making Sid Meier's Sim Golf 2, but I would like to make a plea for Sid Meier's Railroads 2. Fuck Ryan Davis! Sid Meier's Railroads 2! :) Gosh this game is still great.

For anyone who may be interested in revisiting this great game, it's working fine for me in Win7. Run in XP Compatibility mode and then run a tool to add the LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE header to the executable ( Runs like a champ.

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So if anyone ever finds themselves here hoping to learn how to get the multiplayer to work in this game using an online LAN or VPN solution I'll provide some tips that I recently used to get this to work. In the past I had used a utility called Hamachi. This product was purchased by LogMeIn and for networks with 5 or less users it's still free. However, we were unable to get this utility to work. From the multiplayer games list we could never see each other's games even though we could ping each other via Hamachi.

We eventually stumbled upon a Hamachi alternative called Tunngle ( I won't lie. The client UI is atrocious and the ads are very annoying. However, after just a few minutes of tinkering with it we actually got Tunngle to work and we were able to successfully, host and join each other's games and play for several hours without any issues. Some tips that may be helpful include prioritizing the Tunngle network adapter to be in the 1st position (followed by your actual LAN network adapters). Additionally, we noticed once entering the private room (where Tunngle creates your private network) that we couldn't see a ping for each other. We actually left the room and came back and found the ping working. From that point on we were golden.

It's amazing how much fun we had playing a 6+ year old game last night. Sid Meier's Railroads is one heckuva game.

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