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Sierra Petrovita is a rather eccentric resident of Girdershade, who seems to have a passion for Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola products.

Upon entering her home, she immediately offers to take the player on a tour of her collection, offering a bottle of Ice Cold Nuka-Cola and a proposition at the end of the tour.

Apparently, just before the war, Nuka-Cola began manufacturing a new type of Cola with a radioactive isotope addition. Named Nuka-Cola Quantum, the drink had just started distribution when the bombs dropped. Sierra craves this rare beverage, and offers to pay the player caps for each bottle they bring to her, with a secret present if the player manages to find 30 total bottles. She does not know exactly where the bottles are, but points the player toward the Nuka-Cola factory, near the southern end of the Capital Wasteland.

With a successful speech check, Sierra tells you that the secret is actually a rare schematic to make a Nuka-Grenade.

Once the player collects all 30 bottles, Sierra rewards him/her with the schematic, and the quest ends, though she insists that she will continue to pay for any Quantum the player is looking to get rid of. In addition, if the player collects ingredients for her, Sierra has the recipe to bake a "Mississipi Quantum Pie", using one of the bottles of Quantum.

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